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Certificate Of Sexual Offences

Necessary if you work with minors.   All info on how to apply, online with Digital Certificate or Cl@ve or without.   HERE

Overview Social Security Contributions - How To Apply

Through this link to the Seguridad Social website. If the information doesn´t come through in English, please change the language with the option to the top right of the page. Contribution bases report   You can apply online with a digital

How To Obtain U1 Form From Uk

If you´ve worked abroad in a EU country and want to transfer any built- up entitlement to unemployment benefits to another EU country, you need to apply for a U1 form from the UK authorities to present to the authorities here in Spain. You can

As Autonomo Can I Register For More Than One Profession?

Yes you can, and without additional costs if all ´epigrafos´ are compatible. There is a number code for each  ´epigrafo´ and your gestor needs to arrange for an ´alta´ in each relevant one, because to be able to deduct profession related

Working Online From Spain, Where To Pay Tax

When you´re working online from Spain, you should be paying taxes and Social Security contributions here. Although this FAQ is aimed at UK nationals, it is also applicable to all nationalities/foreign contracts Many examples of expats that used

Employment History Request Uk

Full information on the link below. UK Government Website

Paternal Rights Labour Law

Rights or entitlements for fathers. 1. Paid leave of absence following the birth. 2 days or amplified to 4 if the father has to travel to another city. Starting on day of birth if it´s a working day, the following day if it´s not. 2. Paternity

Unemployed After Working Over Pension Age - Right To Paro?

If you´re let go after working on a contract as pensioner, you´re not entitled unemployment benefits ´paro´ or unemployment subsidy ´subsidio´ if you´re already in receipt of a full contributive state pension, but the upside is that if yo

Trade, Autonomo Self Employed Dependent On One Client

If you´re dependent for more than 75% of your income from one client, then you need to formalise your working relationship in a specific contract and register your contract with this client with the State Employment Agency. There is a special

Redundancy Entitlement

According to the Estatuto de Trabajadores / Statute for Employees, taken from version in force as of 14th of May 2017. If you are on a temporary contract (not included ´interim´ or ´substitute´ contracts or those part of educational program)

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