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Modification Of Authorisation To Work?

Options to modify the right of residency work permits. In Spanish only. Modifications of Authorisations.

Tax Calendar For Autonomos

So as not to be caught out, deadlines for the various tax declarations you are supposed to file as Autonomo or small business PYME. Including IVA, IRPF retentions, the yearly RENTA and ´Impuesto de Sociedades´ if applicable. No doubt your gest

Redundancy Pay Finiquito And Income Tax

If you are let go and are entitled to redundancy pay, part of your finiquito, then you need to declare the full amount to the tax authorities on your RENTA income tax declaration, assuming you are a resident. If the redundancy pay meets certain

Tarifa Plana Rural For Self Employed Autonomo

In the Government´s General Budget for 2018 a new provision has been included for new Autonomos that live in rural villages of no more than 5.000 inhabitants. They can register for the Tarifa Plana Rural, which offers an additional year of the

Visa Requirements For Working Non Eu

This guide can help you on your way, but please check for the exact requirements with the Spanish Consulate in your home country with ample time before your intended move to Spain. LINK TO GUIDE

Not Received Renewal Of Tarjeta 65 Andalucia?

These cards are automatically renewed. If you have not received your new card because you have changed address and not notified the Junta, have postal problems, you can call the free phone number: 900 2001 65. For Spanish speakers, they will tak

Tourist Guide Andalucia - Regulatory Info

From the Junta de Andalucia website. LINK HERE ACCESS TO OFICINA VIRTUAL

How To Change Registered Autonomo Activity Online

How to amend RETA activity. You can amend your registration if there was a mistake when you registered, or when you change your self employed activitity.   Through the Seguridad Social Online Office   With Digital Certificate, Cl@ve Pi

Iprem And Smi Index

index used by government when applying for benefits or services IPREM & SMI INDEX UPDATE For January 2019 SMI Increase

Work Temperature - Minimum And Maximum

The National Institute for Hygiene and Safety at Work, in compliance with the Royal Decree 485/1997 and the Law to Prevent Risks at Work, both dealing with minimum requisites to ensure safety and health at workplaces, states a temperature betwee

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