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Requisites Setting Up An Online Shop

No opening licence needed, as you don’t have actual premises from where you sell to the public, but there are a whole lot of other laws and regulations that you will have to comply with. First, you need to register as self employed Autonom

Accounting Obligations For Autonomos

Info from the Tax Agency.   LINK HERE When in doubt, check with your gestor.

Register Of Accredited Companies - Construction

In Spanish, Registro de Empresas Accreditadas (REA). The purpose of the Accredited Companies Registry (REA) is to certify that the companies that operate in the construction sector meet the capacity and quality requirements for occupational risk

Temporary Residence/work Authorisation/visa For Noneu

Generally to be applied for from your home country, at the Spanish Consulate there, before you go to Spain. Info for those who plan to work as self employed (autonomo) HERE and for those who will be working as employee on a work contract (cuent

Change Visa From Non Lucrative To Working Or Other

Is possible provided you meet the requisites. To change from non-lucrative to a residency visa that allows you to work here, you must have resided in Spain for at least one year. You do not have to return to your home country to apply.   Fu

Special Convenio For Non Professional Carers Of Dependent Family

If you are taking care of a family member and have obtained recognition as such and are receiving economic benefits through the Ley de Dependencia, and you are not a professional carer, you can subscribe to a special Convenio with the Tesorería

Can I Access My Spanish Pension Early?

Yes, you can, by maximum of 2 years, if you meet the requisites. Information from the Seguridad Social in English. LINK ‘JUBILACIÓN ANTICIPADA / EARLY RETIREMENT’  

Business Plan For Residency Authorisation Non-eu Self Employed

This website from the Spanish Government offers a ´how to´ when preparing a business plan to accompany your application for residency Authorisation (non EU) on the basis of Self Employment. LINK TO WEBSITE

Forgot To Sign On For Paro Unemployment Benefits - Consequences

When you have applied for and are receiving unemployment benefits ‘ paro’  or unemployment benefits, the most important thing to do is to renew your registration as ‘demandante de empleo’  in time. Usually every 90 days

Obligation To Register Workdays As Of 12.5.2019

Newsflash: the EU Court has ruled today, the 14th of May, that all EU countries are obliged to adopt a similar system as that of Spain, to comply with the European Directives on work and obligatory rest periods for employees. As of the 12th of M

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