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Parttime Contract And Working Extra Hours - Pacto Horas Complementarias

Info on maximum hours, whether you can refuse without losing your job and how/when to cancel the ‘pacto’ in   THIS ARTICLE

Demandante De Empleo Certificate - What Is It And How To Apply

A certificate that accredits that you´ve registered as looking for work ‘demandante de empleo’.  Employers might ask for it if they employ you, as there are subsidies available for companies that hire people that were registered as

Overview Benefits And Entitlements Available For Self Employed Autonomos

Info in this article, in Spanish.   LINK HERE

Grupo De Cotización/work Contract Social Security Contribution Group

There are 11 Contribution Groups for employees in Spain. Grupo 1: Ingenieros y Licenciados (Engineers and Graduates) Grupo 2: Ingenieros técnicos, peritos y ayudantes titulados (Technical Engineers, experts and qualified assistants) Grupo 3:

Subsidios And Ayudas Extraordinarias 2020 - For Unemployed

A complete overview of available unemployment subsidies / subsidios for those not entitled to contributive unemployent benefits ‘paro’. Including RAI (Renta Activa de Inserción) and the new subsidy SED (Subsidio Extraordinario de De

Unemployment Benefits Andalucia

Full info on the Junta de Andalucia website. LINK HERE

How To Apply For Autonomo Subsidy Andalucia

Approved in 2019, subsidies for those starting Autonomos, registered on the Tarifa Plana, to improve on the discounts the state offers. Autonomas, women living in rural villages (under 5.000 inhabitants) Autonomas, women under 30, living and wo

In Receipt Of Pension And Work As Self Employed Autonomo

Whether or not you would have to register as Autonomo with both the Tax Office and the Seguridad Social depends on various factors. Whether you receive a full pension and are of legal state pension age in Spain. If not and under legal pension a

Autonomo And Need Accreditation Of Being Up To Date With Tax Declarations?

If you are working as self-employed Autonomo and you want to make sure your gestor has filed all relevant tax declarations in the current tax year, you can apply for a certificate that accredits the ‘Autoliquidaciones’ made in your n

Autonomo Trading In Eu - Registro De Operadores Intracomunitarios

As an Autonomo in Spain, trading or providing services you invoice to company in another EU country, you need a NIF-IVA number to do so. To get this number, consisting of ES followed by your NIE number, you need to register on the Registro de Op
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