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Employment History Request Uk

Full information on the link below. UK Government Website

Paternal Rights Labour Law

Rights or entitlements for fathers. 1. Paid leave of absence following the birth. 2 days or amplified to 4 if the father has to travel to another city. Starting on day of birth if it´s a working day, the following day if it´s not. 2. Paternity

Unemployed After Working Over Pension Age - Right To Paro?

If you´re let go after working on a contract as pensioner, you´re not entitled unemployment benefits ´paro´ or unemployment subsidy ´subsidio´ if you´re already in receipt of a full contributive state pension, but the upside is that if yo

Trade, Autonomo Self Employed Dependent On One Client

If you´re dependent for more than 75% of your income from one client, then you need to formalise your working relationship in a specific contract and register your contract with this client with the State Employment Agency. There is a special

Redundancy Entitlement

According to the Estatuto de Trabajadores / Statute for Employees, taken from version in force as of 14th of May 2017. If you are on a temporary contract (not included ´interim´ or ´substitute´ contracts or those part of educational program)

Permanency Clause In Work Contract - Legal?

According to the Estatuto de Trabajadores, art. 21.4 an employer can put a permanency clause in your work contract if he or she has paid for a specific training course for you. Either to start up specific projects or to be able to meet certain j

Modelo 347 Agencia Tributaria - What´s It About?

Modelo 347 is a form all businesses or autonomos who have sent or received invoices to/from other businesses over a certain amount in the past year, to verify both parties have declared the same amounts of IVA. You used to contact one another to

Can A Non Spanish Citizen Be Employed As A Civil Servant?

Would expect that anyone interested in this topic would have a high level of Spanish. For those who have not could use the translation facility on their computer. Information from the Spanish Government website in Spanish:   FAQs  

Reduce Working Hours Without Agreement Employee - Legal?

That depends whether the employee is on a full time or part time contract. Basically, three options for employees on full time indefinido contract. An employer can propose a new contract with less hours, but the employee(s) are entitled to refus

Disability - How To Start Assessment In Spain?

First of all, your disability accreditation from abroad, won´t be recognised here in Spain. To be able to make use of services or benefits available in Spain, you´ll have to have your disability assessed through the Spanish Social Security sys

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