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Employer Changes Working Conditions - Is This Legal?

If the changes are small, e.g. they ask employees to come in 15 minutes early, but they also leave 15 minutes early, then they can do this, without asking for consent. If the changes are substantial, e.g. changing shifts or introducing shifts wh

Can I Take My Unemployment Benefits Paro As Lumpsum?

Yes, you can, but only if you want to set up as self employed Autonomo, either as start capital or to fund your Autonomo contributions. When can you ask for the single payment? The self-employment activities for which the single payment of unem

Guide For Becarios - Everything About (work) Practice With Businesses

The worker’s union CCOO has just published the latest edition of their guide for those that are in receipt of a ‘beca’ and are doing their ‘practica’ with businesses. Often their first encounter with the labour mark

As Self Employed Autonomo, Can I Contract Employee?

If your business starts to grow and you need help, here are a series of steps to follow, to start your new stage: First, if you have not hired workers before, you have to register as an ‘empresario‘ with the General Treasury of the S

Worked As Carer But Patient/employer Dies - What Rights Do I Have?

With a contract as ‘Empleado de Hogar‘/domestic workers and registered as such with the Seguridad Social, you can work, taking care of an elderly person, helping them with daily tasks in and around the house, either as in-house care

Guide For Young People Wanting To Work In Europe In Summer

Guide from EURES, the network of European Employment Agencies. In Spain the representative of the EURES network is SEPE and through this institution it is possible to sign up for job offers from other countries, send them the curriculum and have

Flexibility Adapting Work Schedule To Home Situation - Labour Law

Article 34.8 of the Statute of Workers (ET) established, until last March 8: “the worker shall have the right to adapt the duration and distribution of the workday to realize his right to the reconciliation of personal, family life and lab

Autonomos Andalucia - Novelties 2019

Legislation by the Andalucia Government published in the BOJA on the 1st of July 2019, regulations re the call for applications published on the 29th of July 2019. Prolonged and in some cases, even higher bonifications of the social security con

Law For Second Chances - Debt Cancellation For Returning Autonomos

In Spanish ‘La Ley de Segunda Oportunidad’ enabling those that couldn’t make their business work and ended up being in debt, to have a large percentage of their debts (up to 70%) annulled when they want to try running their own

Dismissal - Protected Situation

Protected situations mean that if you are part of the protected groups and get fired, when contested, a judge will rule the dismissal ‘nulo’ meaning nul and void. Pregnant women, from start pregnancy Those workers that have come to

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