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Trial Period Work Contract – Info On Legalities, Consequences, Choices

First of all, the trial period – periodo de prueba – is valid for both contract parties, so both employer and employee. For info about giving notice or being given notice, this FAQs from our webiste. You do not have the right to any

Can I Be Fired For Being Ill?

Since the Reforma Laboral in 2012, you CAN be fired if you are absent from work, even with justification from you GP, under certain circumstances. If you are intermittently absent from work, for 20% of the workdays in a 2 month period, and if yo

Breaks, Maximum Working Hours/day For Employees

According to the presently valid Statute for Employees you are allowed at least a 15 minute break if your working day is longer than 6 hours. 30 minute break if you´re under 18 and working longer than 4,5 hours. Between one working day and the

Paternity Leave, For How Long Can I Claim It?

Status quo 2015. You can claim for 15 natural days. Was supposed to have been amplified to a whole month by January 1st, but not approved by government. Update per 1.1.2017 Amplification to 4 weeks now a fact! Apart from the 2 days ´permiso de

Fogasa – What Does It Stand For And Why Should All Employees Know About It?

FOGASA is the Fondo de Garantía Salarial, the Salary Guarantee Fund, an autonomous organism in Spain that takes care of the payment of debts from employers towards employees when they cannot themselves, because of declared insolvency or when th

Can I Claim My Unemployment Benefit In Spain?

Transferring unemployment benefits In general, to receive unemployment benefits you need to stay in the country which pays your benefits. However, under certain conditions you can go to another EU country to look for work and continue to receive

Unemployed, Can I Move Abroad?

If you are receiving unemployment benefits from your home country, you will have to register with the employment service in your new country. You and your family will still be covered by the social security system in your home country – e.

Jobseeker. Do I Have Residency Rights?

As an EU national you have the right to go and look for work in another EU country. The first 6 months If you stay looking for work in another EU country for less than 6 months, you will need a valid identity card or passport. As a jobseeker, yo

Need To Reduce Working Hours To Take Care Of Minor?

The law permits an employee to request his employer a reduced work schedule, so that he/she can take care of a minor. Maximum age for the minor(s) under care of the employee is 12 years, for the request to be granted. Unless the Convenio in plac

Paro/unemployment Benefits - Max Amount And Max Duration

Paro is calculated as a percentage of your last wages, as they are stated on your payslip ´nomina´. There are legal minimum amounts, different if you live alone or with children under your care, and the same goes for maximum amounts. For the a

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