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Unemployed, Can I Move Abroad?

If you are receiving unemployment benefits from your home country, you will have to register with the employment service in your new country. You and your family will still be covered by the social security system in your home country – e.

Jobseeker. Do I Have Residency Rights?

As an EU national you have the right to go and look for work in another EU country. The first 6 months If you stay looking for work in another EU country for less than 6 months, you will need a valid identity card or passport. As a jobseeker, yo

Need To Reduce Working Hours To Take Care Of Minor?

The law permits an employee to request his employer a reduced work schedule, so that he/she can take care of a minor. Maximum age for the minor(s) under care of the employee is 12 years, for the request to be granted. Unless the Convenio in plac

Paro/unemployment Benefits - Max Amount And Max Duration

Paro is calculated as a percentage of your last wages, as they are stated on your payslip ´nomina´. There are legal minimum amounts, different if you live alone or with children under your care, and the same goes for maximum amounts. For the a

Maternity Leave / Maternity Pay

All about procedures, amount, duration etc. on the Seguridad Social website. In English. 2 different kinds of paid maternity leave, one based on a minimum period of contributing into the system in Spain, the other non-contributory. To be entitle

How Can I Make An Appointment With Inss Online?

Please visit the link below for the information in English and other languages. Do confirm your appointment by taking a ticket on arrival. Please visit this LINK

Sick Pay – What Percentage Of My Wages Am I Entitled To?

General rule: first three days of your sick leave are not paid. Day 4 to 20 are paid by your employer, after that, the Seguridad Social or a Mutua (insurance company) will take over. Either your contract or your Convenio might state an improveme

Sick Pay - Do Employees With Contract Always Have The Right To Receive It?

No, not in all circumstances. To be able to receive sickpay during sickleave for common illness / disease, you need to have been ´in the system´ for at least 180 days in a period of 5 years, prior to your claim. More info on THIS LINK.

Wages Not Paid On Time - What Can You Do?

Please go to the info doc with the same title in our Library, Employment Section. Or click THIS LINK for direct access. In cases of need and especially where children are involved, check if your town hall has a food bank. They will provide a wee

Vida Laboral – How To Apply For It?

Information in this document from our Library. LINK   In addition to that info. You can also apply by phone, calling 901-50-20-50, choose the option “Información general”.

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