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Social Salary - The Last Resort When No Rights To Claim Any Other State Benefits

When you have been Autonomo, closed up shop, never paid for the extra insurance for ´cese de actividad´, so no rights to claim ´paro´…. When you´ve exhausted all state benefits, paro, subsidio, ayuda familiar, Renta Activa de Inserci

From Employee To Self Employed To Unemployed – How To Secure Your Right To Paro

Please read the info document uploaded in the Library, Employment section. Or click this link for direct access. LIBRARY DOCUMENT

Autonomo Agrario – Self Employed Agricultural Worker

There is a special scheme for Self Employed Agricultural Workers, within the general scheme for Autonomos of the Seguridad Social. Please consult the information from the Seguridad Social. HERE and for info on the contributions: HERE

How To Apply For Unemployment Benefits ´paro´ Online

You can access this service, the virtual office of SEPE, when you have a digital certificate installed on your computer or a CL@VE Pin. You need to have been registered as ´demandante de empleo´ first. You must register on the online office of

How To Check Employer´s Contributions To Seguridad Social

It´s called an ´Informe de bases de cotización´ and you can access it online, when you have a digital certificate installed on your computer. Online office Seguridad Social Click ´Ciudadanos´, then ´Informes y Certificados´ at the top of

How To Calculate Unemployment Benefits – Paro Simulator

This link guides you through a series of questions, in Spanish, related to your work history, to calculate the unemployment benefits you might be entitled to. Amount and duration. Choose the option on the left if your contract has just ended, ch

Novelty Wage Slip / Nomina As Of May 2015

As decided by Orden ESS/2098/2014, of the 6th of November, wage slips ´nomina´s´ should not only contain information re the employee´s part of the contributions towards Social Security etc. but also those paid into the system by the employer

Minimum Wage For 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020

For 2015: Established by Real Decreto 1106/2014 of the 26th of December, effective as of January 1st 2015. Minimum wage for all employees, regardless of sex, age or line of work. Amounting to 21,62 euros/day or 648,60 euros/month, depending on w

´sandwich Break´ Legal Information For Employees

There has been a recent ruling by Supreme Court about the ´sandwich break´ that may lead to the erroneous conclusion that all employees have the right to a paid sandwich break. According to art. 34.4 of the Statutes for Employees every employe

How Can I Obtain My Vida Laboral-employment History

Visit the link below which will provide various options to apply for the information. LINK TO INFO FILE IN LIBRARY   In addition to that info. You can also apply by phone, calling 901-50-20-50, choose the option “Información general

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