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How To Apply For Social Security Number?

Please read the info provided by the Seguridad Social in this link, it´s in English Social Security

Registration Info Servef (valencia Inem)

Please read through the info provided by the Generalitat. Spanish only. Your browser translator should give you a reasonable translation INSCRIPCION/REGISTRATION

Do I Need To Offer Contract To Domestic Cleaner?

Yes you do, it can be a verbal contract if the arrangement is short term, for no more than 4 weeks. In writing as of 4 weeks. If the employee works less than 60 hours a month for an employer and he doesn´t have any other employees, they can agr

Can I Be Made Redundant Due To My Age Or Sex?

Please visit the link below for the answer to your question. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/topic/discrimination-in-the-workplace/

What Is The Minimum Holiday Entitlement For Employees In Spain?

As stated in article 38 of the Statute for Employees, 30 calender days per year worked. This amount can be amplified, either by an individual employer, or as arranged in a Convenio for an entire sector, but the 30 days is the legal minimum. If e

Can I Be Fired Because Of Membership Workers Union?

No, you cannot. The right to join a workers union is confirmed by Spanish Law, the Statutes for Employees in Spain.

How Do I Apply For A N.i.e.?

Download the EX15 form from our Library or FAQs Residency section. Make an appointment ‘cita previa’ at your foreigners office at your station of the ‘Policia Nacional’ Take your valid passport and photo copies of the fir

Unemployed But Not Worked Full Year- Entitled To Any Benefits?

Please consult the information documents in The Library, Section Employment. DIRECT LINK

Want To Know About The ´tarifa Plana´ For Starting Autonomo´s?

Info about Tarifa Plana, the starters discount for newly registered Autonomo´s / Self Employed in the FAQ document SELF EMPLOYED – AUTONOMO in The Library, Section Employment. LINK TO LIBRARY DOC   For the changes incorporated in the

Over 52 (before 2019: 55) Right To Unemployment Benefit Exhausted?

Check out the doc in the Library, section Employment. It´s called ´Continued assistance when unemployment benefits cease for those over 55´. See if you meet the requirements for this ¨Ayuda¨ for those over 55, when unemployment benefits cea
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