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(sexual) Harrassment At Work, What Can You Do?

Harrassment at work is punishable by law in Spain and as the employer should make sure it doesn´t happen, or take action if it does and it is reported to them, they are liable and punishable as well as the actual harrasser. In Spain known as ´

Partial Unemployment Benefits While Working Part Time

Unemployed after working full time for more than 360 days, so entitled to unemployment benefits (paro) but you have the possibility to work part time on a new contract – would it be possible to supplement your income with partial paro? The

Business Or Autonomo – How Long Do I Need To Keep Business Documents?

That depends. For tax purposes, as the Tax Agency has up to 4 years to come back to your tax return and you only file Income Tax in the year following the year you sent invoices etc., the general rule is 5 years. However, if at any time the Tax

How To End Or Modify Data Autonomo/self Employed Registration

Any variation in your personal data with regards to your registration as Autonomo / Self Employed needs to be communicated with the Seguridad Social soonest. You need to use form TA0521 for this. Link to the ´simplified´ form, valid for most a

Ayuda Familiar, What Is It And Where To Apply

Ayuda Familiar is the common name for unemployment subsidy for those whose contributive unemployment benefits (Paro) has been used up and who have dependent family members. Can include children, but spouse as well. Currently (year 2019) 430 eur

Employed Or Self Employed In Uk Living In Spain. Where Do I Pay Tax?

If you work in the UK you will always pay tax in the U.K. on the income (NB if you are self employed and only working in the U.K. you will also have to pay national insurance). As you will also be living in Spain you will also be considered tax

How To Renew Unemployment Registration (renovar Paro Andalucia)

Update 28.11.2019 There is now an App you can download to use for renewal of your unemployment registration, check your status, make appointments etc. It’s called AppSAE (Servicio Andaluza de Empleo) and it’s available for Android an

Public Holidays Spain 2017

As published in the State Bulletin yesterday, Saturday 8th, 2016. Fixed for all Spain the following public holidays: 6th of January, 14th of April, 1st of May, 15th of August, 12th of October, 1st of November, 6th and 8th of December, 25th of de

What Are The Overtime Working Hours Permissible?

You can find information on the EU directive in the link below. European Working Time Directive Opting out? EU countries also have their own regulations. Spain also has collective agreements. Information on Spain posted below. If reader needs

Unemployment Benefit And Sick Leave – How Does It Work?

When you´re on ´paro´, so contributive unemployment benefits, built up from a working history of one year or more, and you fall ill, you are entitled to sick pay. You need to present the ´baja´ from your doctor to the employment agency SEPE
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