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How Can I Make An Appointment With Sepe/inem – Cita Previa?

You fill out your postal code and NIE number in the fields in this link. Tick the second option if you want to apply for unemployment benefits. LINK    

What Are The Bank Holidays For 2015?

Information document in the Library, Employment section. Or click link below for direct access. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/BANK-HOLIDAYS-FOR-ALL-REGIONS-OF-SPAIN-FIESTAS-LABORALES-2015.pdf    

Addendum To The ‘grants Available For Unemployed Who Start As Autonomo’

Some notes to assist in successful and problem free applications. Please read as very important. Grants are also available for first time autonomos. 1. Before you commence with the application, visit one of the offices who deal with grants in y

Grants Available For Unemployed Who Start As Autonomo?

Yes, there are, height and availability depending. Generally available grants, that can be topped with additional amount depending on age, gender, disability % etc. All Communities have their own grants program, most are developed to form an inc

Workers Rights – Spain

11430 Real Decreto Legislativo 2/2015, of October 23rd, approving the text of the Law of the Statute for Employees. Latest version valid as of January 1st, 2019. Stated in article 4, amongst other things, is the right to belong to a workers unio

If Holding Two Jobs, Will Both Employers Pay Into The System?

Yes they will, but together never more than the max possible amount, and pro rato what you earn with one and the other. More info here: Multiple Employment

What Is A ´libro De Visitas´ And Where Can I Get It?

A Libro de Visitas is a book that every autonomo worker (self employed) must have, whether he has any employees or not and in which an Inspector de Trabajo will make note of his visits and his findings. In some regions there is an electronic ver

How To Apply For Social Security Number?

Please read the info provided by the Seguridad Social in this link, it´s in English Social Security

Registration Info Servef (valencia Inem)

Please read through the info provided by the Generalitat. Spanish only. Your browser translator should give you a reasonable translation INSCRIPCION/REGISTRATION

Do I Need To Offer Contract To Domestic Cleaner?

Yes you do, it can be a verbal contract if the arrangement is short term, for no more than 4 weeks. In writing as of 4 weeks. If the employee works less than 60 hours a month for an employer and he doesn´t have any other employees, they can agr

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