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Sexual Offences Certificate-how Do I Apply?

This certificate accredits the that the holder is not on the sexual offences register. You can apply for the certificate in person or online with a Clave/Pin. Visit this LINK for full information in Spanish. There is a drop down menu for English

Irpf/income Tax Retentions Form145 For Employees

Please follow THIS LINK to the Tax Office webpage with short explanation and downloadable pdf file. Your employer should ask you to fill out this form when you start your employment and again if your circumstances change.  

Income Tax/irpf Withholdings/retenciones 2019, 2020

Please consult the overview below from the Tax Agency to check which % of IRPF to withhold, either as employer, or as Autonomo. Employers should ask their employees to fill out MODELO 145 as they need information about their personal circumstanc

Autonomo/self Employed And Maternity / Paternity Leave

Those registered as Autonomo generally have the same rights as those working on a contract under the Regimen General. Special work areas like mining, agriculture, fishing have specific rules which might differ from the ones valid for the general

How To Register As Autonomo/self Employed Online?

You can register as Autonomo/Self Employed with the INSS online, provided you have a compatible digital certificate installed on your computer and you already have been assigned a valid Social Security Number. Another way to access this service

The European Professional Card (epc)

The European Professional Card (EPC) is an electronic procedure you can use to have your professional qualifications recognised in another EU country. It is easier and quicker to manage than traditional qualification recognition procedures, and

Am I A Permanent Resident? Faqs Annulled.

The updated version can be found HERE CAB have advised that due to the misunderstanding of some civil servants of the validity of the certificates, that it is advisable to have the wording “permanent” appear on your registration cert

Can I Work As Employed And Self Employed?

Yes you can and this is known as Pluriactividad. Information from the social security WEBSITE. You will need to set up as Autonomo by registering with the social security and the Tax Office. You may need to employ a gestor de contabilidad to car

Residency – Do I Need It To Be Able To Work In Spain?

No, you do not. You will need an NIE number though, and once you have a contract, your employer should register that with the Employment Agency (SEPE/INEM) and you will get a social security number. Some employers will ask you to arrange for thi

Can I Take Up Employment As A Pensioner In Spain?

Unfortunately Spain does not have the same system as the UK and other EU countries which actually encourage taking up some sort of employment after retirement. For Spanish pensioners though stated that a pension and employment is not compatible,
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