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Homologation Eu Professional Diplomas / Recognition (non-)university Studies

Completed your studies in another EU country and wish to work in Spain in a regulated profession that requires certificate of succesfully completed studies? Then you need to get your diploma/certificate homologated for a Spanish equivalent throu

Family Bereavement – Entitled To Paid Leave?

Yes, for a family bereavement, till 2nd grade, so for parents, grandparents, children or grandchildren. Your own or those of your spouse. ONLY if you are married, NOT in a registered partnership (pareja de hecho) unless the latter is specificall

Unemployed Can I Holiday Abroad?

For full information including days allowed on. This and application forms on the link below Unemployed Holidays

Tachograph Card – How To Obtain A Spanish One?

There are different kinds of ´tarjetas tacógrafos´ in Spain. For drivers, for businesses and for learning centres. They need to be applied for at the office of ´Servicio de Transporte´ of your province, or you can, with a digital certificat

Wages Not Paid – Can I Leave Job Without Losing Right To Paro?

Yes you can, your right to leave a job where the employer doesn´t meet his obligations is stated in article 50 0f the Statutes for Employees, but you must start a procedure through the social courts, asking for any late wages to be paid, AND yo

Autonomo Cuota Frozen For January 2017 – Increase Per July

UPDATE 6.6.2017  The State´s General Budget has been approved on the 30th of May and included is an increase of 3% of the Autonomo Base Minima de Cotización, so the minimum base salary over which the monthly cuota of over 80% of all self empl

National Holidays 2017 All European Countries

Follow this link for the dates arranged by country.   LINK TO BOE PUBLICATION

How To Check Status Paro Application Online

You can check online what the status is of your application for paro / unemployment benefits. You need a digital certificate installed on your computer for access, or a CL@VE. LINK TO SEPE/INEM ONLINE OFFICE   LINK TO SHORT GUIDE – IN

Pruebas Selectivas / Selectivity Tests – How To Register Online

Through this link to the government electronic office.   LINK   You will need a digital certificate installed on your computer for access, or a CL@VE  registration.

Pension Facts Spain 2018, 2019 And 2020

As of January 1st 2019 the minimum age to receive an Old Age Pension in Spain is 65 years and 8 months. This will increase gradually to 67 years in 2027. As of January 1st 2020 the minimum age will be 65 years and 10 months. You can only still r
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