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Tax Inspection Visit – Do I Need To Grant Access?

Please read this article for full info. LINK TO WEBSITE ARTICLE

New Autonomo / Self Employed Law 2017 – A Summary

Updated version conform publication in State Bulletin 25.10.2017. Please click the link below for direct access.   LINK TO LIBRARY DOC Note* Tariffs for Those Starting as Self Employed (autonomos)

Cpc Certificate Of Professional Competence – Eu Recognition?

Well, it´s a bit confusing. What the EU calls CPC in their Directive from 2003, transposed into Spanish law in 2007, is called CAP by the Spanish Fomento Ministry. Latest update is from May 2018. Their info on recognition of the CPC certificate

On Sick Leave And Contract Ends – What Happens?

If you have been on sick leave/´baja´ for more than 15 days, the Seguridad Social or the Mutua your employer has his insurance with, will have taken over the sick pay payments. Once your contract ends, you will continue to receive sickpay, for

Trial Period Work Contract – How To Communicate Termination

During the trial period of a work contract both employer and employee have the right to terminate the contract without having to give a reason, notice, or indemnisation.  Just to be clear, not every contract has a trial period. If there is no t

Employment Agencies In Spain, The Difference Explained

In Spain there are 2 different employment agencies, regional and national. They are usually situated in the same office. One is the state/national Employment office SEPE (formerly INEM), the other is the Autonomous Employment office and they go

Looking For Sepe/inem Offices In Spain

The following link gives a list of all SEPE/INEM offices SEPE offices

Special Convenio – To Make Up Pension Years Or Bridge Income Gap

Convenios Especiales are agreements that you can sign up for, thus committing to voluntary payment of the social security contributions (instead of an employer). Why/when: If you find yourself in a situation of unemployment (once your contributi

Do I Pay Income Tax On Unemployment Benefits?

Yes you do. Unemployment benefits (paro) are seen as income from work and therefore subject to Income Tax and need to be included in your RENTA. Although SEPE/INEM should withhold a percentage of IRPF retention, in practice they do not always do

On Sick Leave – What Happens With Holiday Entitlement

When you are ´de baja´ for medical reasons, your entitlement to paid holiday days will continue to grow, as if you were working. If you had planned a holiday, but fall ill before or during, the days you were on sick leave will not be taken off
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