Authorisations Tax Office

Depending on the kind of ´tramite´ or procedure, you can arrange for someone to represent you. Make sure you choose the correct authorisation. Options HERE

Non Resident Landlord Long Term Rentals - Fiscal News

European Commission Press Release March 7th 2019. The Commission requests that SPAIN eliminate discrimination on taxation of non-resident individuals’ rental income The Commission decided today to send a letter of formal notice to Spain 

Irnr - Non Residents Income Tax

Info from the Spanish Tax Agency in English.   LINK

Numero De Soporte - Support Number Cl@ve Registration

What is it and how to enter it when registering for Cl@ve with the Tax Office?   INFO FROM THE AGENCIA TRIBUTARIA WEBSITE.

Interest Including Isa´s, Taxable In Spain?

Answer from our volunteer tax advisor Philip Carroll, on a question on our facebook group. All interest including ISA’s is declarable and taxable in Spain. Upto the 12th June 2014 you could offset the tax you paid in the UK but only upto 1

Certificado Negativo Hacienda / Renta

A Certificado Negativo is a certificate, to apply for at the Tax Office, that confirms that you are not obliged to file yearly RENTA income tax returns, because you don’t meet the requisites to do so. Info on tax thresholds HERE. Info on w

1.000 Euros Cheque Guardería / Nursery Cheque

For those already able to claim the 1.200 IRPF reduction if the mother is working and has a child under the age of 3, an additional ´cheque´ of 1.000 euros to cover expenses if the child goes to an authorised nursery or child education centre.

Prices Used Vehicles And Motor Boats For Tax And Transfers 2019

As published in the State Bulletin BOE, valid for use in 2019. It´s a 800 page pdf file, so make sure your device can handle the download! VEHICLE LIST In Article 5 the special calculation for first matriculation of second hand vehicles, previo

Income Taxes Abroad - Info From The Eu

General info from the EU

Hunting Laws Cataluña

Overview of the hunting season dates/periods 2018/2019 for Catalunya. HERE The published rules and regulations. HERE   Hunting Law
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