How To Claim Back Tax Unduely Taken

It happens sometimes, both you and your gestor pay the same tax, or your account has been embargoed at the same time you made a late payment or the same tax has been taken from your bank account twice. To claim it back, you can access the Electr

Modelo 179 - Informative Declaration Tourist Rental Intermediaries

By law, those intermediating between owners of holiday property and tourists that rent it, so rental agencies, but also online intermediaries like AirBnB, HomeAway, Wimdu or Niumba are obliged to inform the Spanish Tax Agency about bookings arra

Who Do I Notify In Uk When Moving Or Retiring To Spain?

Please read the instructions on the link below: Leaving the UK Tax Leaving the UK

Renta Refund - When Will I Receive It?

The Tax Office has 6 months counting from the closing date of the RENTA income tax campaign, to pay out any refunds you are entitled to, according to your RENTA declaration. For 2018 (declaration 2017) that will be the 2nd of January 2019, as th

Replace Nif Starting With ´m´, By Regular Nie

Info from the Tax Agency. If you need to replace your temporary NIF, issued by the Tax Agency for the purchase of property for example, and when you later on find yourself in a situation when you need a regular NIE number, to declare rental inco

Tax Calendar For Autonomos

So as not to be caught out, deadlines for the various tax declarations you are supposed to file as Autonomo or small business PYME. Including IVA, IRPF retentions, the yearly RENTA and ´Impuesto de Sociedades´ if applicable. No doubt your gest

Renta Income Tax - How To Pay From Abroad

If you moved abroad, but still need to do one final RENTA income tax declaration over the year you were considered a fiscal resident, how do you pay the tax? You can choose various methods, depending on whether you have a digital certificate ins

What Can I Legally Bring To Spain From Non-eu Country

Leaflet from the Spanish government with regards to Spanish customs rules when you travel to Spain from a non-EU country. The leaflet also contains telephone number and website addresses for further information. LINK TO LEAFLET More info from Yo

Requirement To Correct - Hmrc - 30th September 2018

All about the Requirement To Correct (RTC), deadline the 30th of September 2018. The Government website first published about this in November 2017 and updated in August 2018. From the website: ¨The purpose of the RTC legislation is to

Selling Property Before Moving To Spain - Things To Consider

When you sell your property abroad before you take up residency in Spain, there are several things to think about. If you´re not of pension age yet, and you don´t invest the total of the proceeds in another property, there might be Capital Gai
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