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Novelty Renta 2018: Deduction Tax Return If Partner Lives In Another Eu Country

From the RENTA support manual, Tax Office. 9.7 Deduction of family units Member States of the European Union With effect from January 1, 2018, a new deduction is introduced on the fee in favor of those taxpayers whose remaining members of the fa

Autonomo With Eu Clients Abroad - Iva Modelo 349

If you are Autonomo and do business with other professionals in the EU, you need to declare those on the Modelo 349, frequency depends on the amount of income you generate with your business. Information from the Tax Office, in English. LINK AGE

Número De Soporte - Renta 2018

Where to find and how to enter it on your RENTA declaration, when you choose the ´reference number´ option to access the RENTA module.   LINK TO AGENCIA TRIBUTARIA WEBSITE

How To Obtain Irpf Certificate Inem/sepe Re Unemployment Benefits

Info from the Ministry. LINK This article also explains. LINK

Iva Percentage For Performing Artists 2019

IVA for performing artists lowered to 10% as of January 2019. Info from the Tax Office. In English. If you need it for Spanish clients, you can change the language with option to the top right of the page. LINK

Cross Border Debt Recovery?

MUTUAL ASSISTANCE FOR RECOVERY OF DEBT EU Commission Regulation 1189/2011 of 19 November 2011. This note only cover EU Member States. There is however scope for use outside of the EU Debts covered All taxes and duties collected by the competent

Authorisations Tax Office

Depending on the kind of ´tramite´ or procedure, you can arrange for someone to represent you. Make sure you choose the correct authorisation. Options HERE

Non Resident Landlord Long Term Rentals - Fiscal News

European Commission Press Release March 7th 2019. The Commission requests that SPAIN eliminate discrimination on taxation of non-resident individuals’ rental income The Commission decided today to send a letter of formal notice to Spain 

Irnr - Non Residents Income Tax

Info from the Spanish Tax Agency in English.   LINK

Numero De Soporte - Support Number Cl@ve Registration

What is it and how to enter it when registering for Cl@ve with the Tax Office?   INFO FROM THE AGENCIA TRIBUTARIA WEBSITE.
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