Coronavirus - Funerals

Since the 30th of March, the following rules are in place with regards to funerals and wakes. It is no longer allowed to organise or participate in wakes, not in private homes, not in funeral homes. No autopsies. The celebration of religious or

Coronavirus - 50 Alleviating Measures: Domestic Workers - In Force 5.5.2020

Updated with info from Ministerial Order published in the State Gazette on the 4th of May 2020. Until now, domestic workers were not included in the regulations for ERTE, special ‘paro’ etc. Now, a special unemployment ‘subsidi

Extension To The State Of Alarm Now Official

Congress has agreed that the State of Alarm should stay in place until midnight on the 11th of April.

Coronavirus - State Museums Offer Free Online Educational Activities

These online activities range from reading, storytelling, cut-outs for painting and colouring, recipes, videos, 3D pieces, audioguides for children to visit parts of the museums, games and video games. A whole host of ideas aimed at a younger au

Hotel Closure & Unable To Return Home. Government Provides List Of Accommodation

  Update: new list published 30.3.2020 The British Consulate has provided this information. The list of accommodation available on the link below. Accommodation Available Link to Info from the Spanish Government in English.

Coronavirus - Guidelines Divorced Parents

From the family-law section of the College of Lawyers in Madrid.  There is no reference to this in the royal decree on the special measures. Therefore we advise contacting the police forces in your area for clarification. 1º.- The parents must

Coronavirus - Información Para Turistas Españoles Y Estudiantes Erasmus En El Extranjero

La ministra de Asuntos Exteriores y Cooperación, Arancha González Laya, ha instado este miércoles a los turistas españoles en el extranjero a que regresen “en la mayor celeridad posible, mientras sigan abiertas las conexiones áreas

Regresar A España / Spaniards Returning To Spain

Regresar a España Documentación relevante para su regreso a España. Please read the information in the guide provided below. It is important to carryout procedures necessary before leaving your present country of residence.   Guía de r

Spanish Nationality - How To Recover When Lost

Information from the Spanish Justice Ministry about recovering nationality. You’d need to visit a Registro Civil and make an official statement that you want to recover Spanish nationality. This statement then has to be registered at same

Dutch Residents Who Have Taken Spanish Nationality - 10 Year Rule Novelties

Info for those Dutch nationals who have taken Spanish nationality based on the length of time they’ve been residents, so more than 10 years, and didn´t renew their Dutch passports in time, which resulted in their automatic loss of Dutch n
citizens advice spain


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