Am I Entitled To Irish Citizenship/passport

If you believe you may be entitled to Irish citizenship please read the following link for all relevant information. Irish citizenship through birth or descent

Renew Spanish Passport Or Dni When Living In Uk

You need to make an appointment at the Spanish Consulate in London, but first you need to be registered on the Registro de Matricula for Spanish citizens living abroad. Info on how to register HERE Info on how to renew your passport, forms and d

Unplanned Healthcare Abroad: Payments And Reimbursements

If you have encountered a charge for healthcare abroad when using your EHIC/TSE. This charge should be presented to the Health authority or INSS in the area you reside. Please read the link below for further information. Payments and Reimburseme

Last Will And Testament Certificate - How To Apply

In Spanish: Certificado Del Registro General de Actos de Ultima Voluntad. What is it? The last will certificate is the document that certifies whether a person has made a will/s and, if so, before which Notary/ies. In this way the heirs can con

The Register For Life Insurances - How To Consult

The Registry of death coverage insurance contracts depends on the Ministry of Justice and in it all life insurance contracts (with death coverage) and accident insurance covering the insured’s death must be registered, excluding those in w

Tarjeta De Familia Numerosa Extremadura

Information on large families can be found in the link below: Tarjeta de Familia Numerosa

Returning To The Uk To Reside? Information From Cab And The Uk Government Website

Please note the information on procedures that should be taken before leaving Spain.   Leaving Spain     Returning to UK  

Replace-vital-documents/certified Copies/usa

To Replace or request certified copies of original documents. Vital Documents Where to apply/states

Flexibility Adapting Work Schedule To Home Situation - Labour Law

Article 34.8 of the Statute of Workers (ET) established, until last March 8: “the worker shall have the right to adapt the duration and distribution of the workday to realize his right to the reconciliation of personal, family life and lab

Spanish Nationality By Residency - Special Cita Previa Madrid

As a result of the drastically increased number of applications for Spanish nationality based on residency, the Madrid office has arranged for a special ‘cita previa’ for foreigners who want to apply and present the necessary paperwo
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