Can I Make Decisions For Someone Who Lacks Capacity?

For full information please visit the link below.    

How Do I Donate My Body To Science

Donating a body to science. For this you do not apply for a donor card but contact: the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy and Embryology closest to your location, usually a University Hospital. Please read the full information from the

How To Apply For Residency Status For My Non Eu Family Member

For information on application for residency for a non EU Citizen Spouse, please read the information on the website the EU commission.   Right to Residence   Suggest a visit to the government website. Language Spanish. Your computer s

How Do I Obtain A Cni Certificate Of No Impediment ?

Certificate of No Impediment and Nulla Osta The certificate of no impediment to marry or register as a common law couple (pareja de hecho) for UK or Irish citizens in Spain. In Spanish “Certificado de Estado Civil”. If you need assis

How Do I Register A Large Family Madrid?

To register and find out about assistance and discounts, please visit link below.

How Do I Apply For Assistance As A Large Family Canary Islands?

Provided the link below for information on ‘familias numerosas. Information

How Do I Apply For Assistance As A Large Family Murcia?

Application for title and services, assistance and or discounts for ‘familias numerosas in Murcia. Please visit the link below. Information

How Do I Apply For Assistance As A Large Family Catalonia?

For information on registering as a large family in Catalonia and assistance or discounts available, please visit link below.

How Do I Apply For Assistance As A Large Family Valencia?

To avail of assistance or discount as ‘familia numerosa’ in Valencia, visit link (in Spanish) which will provide registration information and more.. HERE ALSO APPLICATION FORM CAN BE DOWNLOADED BY CLICKING THIS LINK

Is There Assistance For Large Families In Andalucia?

The link below (in Spanish) is the link to the website of the Junta de Andalucia. The particular page provided information for ‘familias numerosas’ Includes how to obtain the title and assistance available.   Junta de Andalucia
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