Consumer Affairs

Coronavirus - 50 Alleviating Measures: Consumer Issues

Amendment from Royal Decree published on the 1oth of June 2020, in purple text. Amendment from the Royal Decree published on the 22nd of April 2020, in orange text. As announced in an earlier Royal Decree, the window to return or change purchase

Coronavirus - 50 Alleviating Measures: Rental Situations

  1.5.2020 Updated with Conditions to Apply for Micro-loans – different than mentioned below!   Update Updates from Royal Decree published in the State Bulletin on the 22nd of April in red. Updates from Order published in the St

Coronavirus - 50 Additional Alleviating Measures 31.3.2020

The Government completes the protection and support for vulnerable groups, companies and the self-employed with more than 50 new measures Tuesday March 31, 2020 The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday a new package of economic and social

Coronavirus - Miscellaneous From Royal Decrees 17.3.2020, 1.4.2020, 22.4.2020

Updates from the Royal Decree with 30 Alleviating Measures from 22.4.2020 in red text. Updates from the Royal Decree with 50 Alleviating Measures from 1.4.2020 in orange. Those on Bono Social for electricity will automatically remain registered

Coronavirus - 50 Alleviating Measures: Mortgage Moratorium Amplified

Update from the Royal Decree with 30 More Measures, published 22.4.2020 in green. Updates from the Royal Decree with 50 Alleviating Measures, published 1.4.2020, in orange. Info valid for mortgage moratoriums for the following properties. a) The

Coronavirus - Exemption Containment Measures Airports

Additional Disposition, published 16.3.2020, as an amendment to the containment measures published on Saturday. Valid for as long as the State of Alarm lasts. Art. 1. Those establishments that, in the air zone of all the aerodromes for public us

Coronavirus - Containment Measures Info Businesses/autonomos Valencia

Automatic translation. – The Ministry of Economy has prepared a series of recommendations based on promoting responsible consumption from commerce and local entities – From the Consell it is highlighted that the supply systems work n

Coronavirus - Services And Goods Considered Essential Murcia

As published by the Murcia Government and valid in that region. With respect to other regions, please consider this list for illustrative purposes only and check with your local government when in doubt. Info re containment measures National Gov

Application For Transfer Of Residence Relief (tor1)

Apply for Transfer of Residence (ToR) relief if you want to transfer your normal place of residence from outside the EU to the UK. See full information here UK Gov Website Moving personal belongings to the UK

Prohibition Import Of Plants, Fruits And Vegetables To Eu From Noneu And Eu Territories

Regulation (EU) 2016/2031 requires Member States, seaports, airports and international transport operators to make available to passengers information concerning prohibitions and requirements for the introduction of plants, plant products and ot
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