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Consumer Affairs

Freedom Of Information - How To Submit Request In Spain

In Spain called the right of access to public information ‘derecho de acceso a la información pública’, covered by the Transparency Law. Public information is the set of contents or documents, whatever their format or support, held

Lottery Prizes - What About Tax?

The Holiday Season will be upon us shortly and many will no doubt partake in the Spanish costume of trying your luck with the many lotteries that will be selling tickets for drawings around Christmas, New Year and Three Kings. But what if you wi

Telephone 060 - Alternatives Available

Instead of calling number 060 to access the information service of the Spanish State Administration, when you call from abroad you need to use number +34 902 887 060. But not all providers support calling 902-numbers from abroad and the cost cou

Suitcase Lost Or Damaged After Flight - How To Claim Compensation

Info from Spanish Consumer Organisation FACUA. FACUA-Consumers in Action reminds all passengers who have suffered the loss, delay in delivery or breakage of luggage on an airplane flight that are entitled to compensation of up to 1,353 euros, de

Bars & Restaurants, Legally Obliged To Serve Free Tap Water?

The very short answer is no, in most of the Autonomous Regions there is no law that obliges bar and restaurant owners to serve their clients tap water without charge. There are laws that regulate this in the regions of Navarra, the Balearic Isla

Music Festivals/cinemas - Can I Bring Food/drinks?

According to Consumer Law,  yes you can. As it’s not the main business of either to provide ‘hostelería’ services, and consumers should be free to choose where they buy food and drinks. Obliging those who have bought tickets

Discounts Public Transport Extremadura

Available for the following groups of citizens: – Over 60 years – Persons benefiting from permanent disability contributory pensions, in their total, absolute or severe disability, recognized in the Social Security protection regimes

Cancelled Flights/air Passenger Rights

Full information for the consumer in the link below: Air Passenger Rights

Intra-eu Communication Caps Means Cheaper Phone Calls Between Eu Member States

Consumers calling from one EU country on a landline phone or mobile to another EU country pay a maximum amount of €0,19 per minute (+ VAT) and €0,06 per SMS (+ VAT). The prices of International communications within the EU are capped as of 1

How Do I Contact The Eu?

Contact the European Commission Advice to help you overcome practical problems with exercising your rights in Europe General information about EU matters in any of the official EU languages Call the free phone number 00800 6 7 8 9 10 11 from
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