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Itv Expired During State Of Alarm - Info On Validity And Renewal

Extension of the automatic COVID-extension of the validity of the ITV Certificates. There already was an automatic extension of the ITV certificates that expired during the State of Alarm: till 30 days after the end of the State of Alarm. Today&

Coronavirus - Health And Safety And Opening Swimming Pools / Beaches

Update from State Gazette published on the 23rd, valid as of 25.5.2020   Guide published on 23.5.2020   Information about the re-opening of sport and recreational pools in Phase 2 as published in the State Gazette on 16.5.2020, in purp

Coronavirus - Travel To And From The Canary And Balearic Islands Phase One

Automated translation from Ministerial Order, published in the State Gazette on May 10, 2020. Summary. Prohibitions. From 00:00 on May 11, 2020, the prohibition on regular commercial air operations between the Canary Islands is lifted. Likewise

Coronavirus - Guide When Buying Masks

Automated translation of an article on the Moncloa website. Today the Ministry of Consumer Affairs have launched a guide with a set of recommendations to be taken into account by the population when buying face masks in an establishment during t

Insurances - The New Rules With Regards To Consumer Info

From our insurance expert. One of the most important sections of the new Insurance Distribution Directive is that the insurance company/broker has to make sure that the customer is fully aware of what he/she is contracting. This is why, they hav

Coronavirus - Voluntary Moratorium Mortgages And Private Loans Banks

Apart from the alleviating measures that the National Government has announced, with regards to mortgage moratoriums and private loans, the two big banking associations AEB and CECA have issued a statement that they will help out their clients,

Coronavirus - Funerals

Since the 30th of March, the following rules are in place with regards to funerals and wakes. It is no longer allowed to organise or participate in wakes, not in private homes, not in funeral homes. No autopsies. The celebration of religious or

Coronavirus - What About Lotteries?

Published today a special ‘order’ to do with the ONCE lotteries. Where tickets for lotteries are sold through personal contact, they have been suspended for the duration of the State of Alarm. The only ones from the modules that are

Coronavirus - Bono Social Electricity Autonomos - Form To Use

The form to use to apply for Bono Social / Rate Subsidiy for Autonomos, as announced in the Royal Decree published on the 1st of April, has been published on Saturday the 4th of April. If you have already applied, using a previous form, this app

Coronavirus - Gas Bottles

You can continue to order your gas bottles online, or buy them from the trucks, or at service points. Leave the empty bottle outside and receive the new full one there as well. The delivery man will wear protective gear, but you must keep a di
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