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Social Security - Inss / Caiss

Do I Need To Communicate A Death To Seguridad Social?

Yes, you do, if the deceased was a resident in Spain and registered for health care and/or in receipt of any pension or benefits. You need to present the death certificate at the INSS / CAISS office conveniently close to your location. By law, a

Twins Or Triplets? Right To Extra Maternity Leave And One-off Payment

Update 2019. With the new decree on equal rights for fathers and mothers with regards to ´parental leave´(in force since 1.4.2019), the situation for 2-parent families to whom twins or triplets are born or who adopt them, has changed, as the e

How To Make A Cita Previa/appointment With Inss/seguridad Social

Please click THIS LINK for access to the service if you don´t have a digital certificate installed on your computer.  Please note that you need to enter your NIE number when making the appointment and that you´ll also need to confirm once you

How Do I Make An Appointment With The Social Security?

The social security known as the INSS. You can make an appointment (Cita Previa) by visiting your local office or online using their website in English. Social Security Appointments

Certificate Of No Debt With Social Security?

Known as the  ‘Certificado de estar al corriente den las obligacioned de Seguridad Social (Certificate of being current with Social Security obligations). You can apply for this certificate from your local office of INSS. The certificate

Online Services Now Available From The Inss/social Security

These are some of the services now available online without the need to visit an office of the INSS: March 7.2016 Manage your maternity or paternity allowance. February 24.2016 Request pensions for widows and orphans. February 8, 2016 Request yo

Your Social Security (inss) Website In English/french

Navigate the site found here in English and French.

Complaint Against Seguridad Social - How To File One?

Please click THIS LINK to the information in English on how to file a complaint, or suggest improvements with regards to the services provided by the Seguridad Social (INSS) or the Treasury of the Seguridad Social (TGSS). You can complete the p

Do I Need To Offer Contract To Domestic Cleaner?

Yes you do, it can be a verbal contract if the arrangement is short term, for no more than 4 weeks. In writing as of 4 weeks. If the employee works less than 60 hours a month for an employer and he doesn´t have any other employees, they can agr
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