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How To Apply For Discounts Or Services Available For Pensioners In Murcia?

All info through the document in our Library, Pensions Section. Click this link for direct access. LINK TO LIBRARY DOC

How To Apply For Home Help For The Elderly And Disabled

Applicants must hold the status of legal residence and have been on the padron for at least five years. Assistance with a sick or elderly person that needs help to maintain his or her independence at home, is arranged under the Ley de Dependenci

How To Inform Dwp When Recipiant Of State Pension Has Passed Away?

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Contact the bereavement service to cancel the person’s benefits and entitlements, eg State Pension. They’ll also check if you’re eligible for help with funeral costs or other benefits. DWP Bereavement

How Do I Make An Application For Non Contribution Or Disability Pension In Spain

Please visit the Pensions Section of the Library, or click this link for direct access.   HOW-AND-WHERE-TO-APPLY-FOR-NON-CONTRIBUTION-OR-DISABILITY-PENSIONS. NOTE: File under construction, meanwhile, please use this link to the government i

Where To Go For ´proof Of Life´- Fe De Vida?

  Some pensions require a yearly proof of life, or Fe de Vida. These can be obtained at your Registro civil. Civil Regsitrar The Juzgado de Paz offers this service free of charge in most villages. Another option is the local residents off

Can I Apply For A Spanish Pension?

Spaniards and expats who have not contributed to the social security system and have not worked in Span, may be entitled to a non contributive pension. To qualify you must have been a resident and on the padron for ten or more years. Application
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