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Valencian Pensioners – What To Do If You Are Not Receiving The “co-pago” Subsidy Automatically?

If you are a pensioner with an income below 18.000 euros and the subsidy on the co-pago for prescriptions that the Valencian government announced to be effective per 1.1.2016, is not applied automatically, so you are still paying the maximum of

How To Cancel A Uk Pension After A Death?

For those who need to cancel a UK pension after someone has died, please visit this UK government website.

Need To Declare If State Pension Is Under Tax Threshold?

Question from one of our members on the facebook group, answered by Philip Carroll. Member: By way of a postscript to the original post and my comment, MY tax accountant verified Philip’s info and then had it all translated for the benefit

Private Company Pension – Where Do I Declare And/or Pay Tax?

Question on our facebook group. Member: Hi, I read the thread on government pensions with great interest. Apologies but what is the situation with non governmental pensions, for example employer pensions. I read the UK government website and it

Disability-pension From Uk Taxed Once Resident In Spain?

Question on our facebook group. Member: I get a benefit called Industrial injuries because I had a bad accident at work. It is for life. In uk it’s not taxable. If I was to have it transferred from uk to international department and paid i

Government Pension – How Is It Used In 2015 Tax Declaration?

From our tax advisor Philip Carroll. The other day there was a long discussion about how the UK government pension would be used when calculating tax. I have written extensively regarding this over the past couple of years. I posted that based o

How Much Is In My Uk Pension Pot?

.Let pension wise help you. Visit this UK government website Remember if the last country where you worked is Spain, apply from the INSS here.

Not Worked In Spain, But Resident-pension Age – Where To Apply?

If in the EU, you claim either from the country you last worked in or the country you are residing in. The resident country, your host will forward your claim to last country you worked. If living in Spain, visit the INSS who should communicate

At What Age Can I Retire In Spain?

Information from the website of the Social Security. Drop-down menu for English, French and regional languages available.

Can I Claim Uk Benefits Including Carers Allowance?

You may be entitled to the benefits and can apply from a EU country. Government UK Contact the Exportability team: Exportability Co-ordinator Room B201 Pension, Disability and Carers Service Warbreck House Warbreck Hill Road Blackpool FY2 0YE
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