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Can I Claim Uk Benefits If Move Or Travel Abroad?

For information on claiming benefits from the UK in Spain, please visit: Benefits Abroad Contact the exportability team.

Spanish Pensions And Living Abroad – Fe De Vida

If you are in receipt of a Spanish pension, but do not live in Spain, you need to provide the INSS with a ´Fe de Vida´/ proof of life every year. You need to present this proof of life in the first 3 months of every calendar year. Failing to d

Where Can I Find Out About Spanish Pensions?

For all the information you need on Spanish pensions in English, please visit this LINK.   If you´ve worked in other EU countries, besides Spain, you need to fill out the application form for ´retirement EU´ under the Community Regulatio

Spanish Pension – How To Autocalculate?

There´s a autocalculator on the online office of the Seguridad Social, to be used as an indication only. Link HERE. Scroll down to ´retirement calculator´. You´ll need some preliminary info first, re your ´contribution history´ but how to

How And Where Can I Apply To Purchase Healthcare? (convenio Especial)

Purchasing public health insurance If you are not covered for state-run healthcare through any other means, the Spanish regional health authorities offer a special pay-in scheme (convenio especial). This is a public health insurance scheme avail

What Are The Minimum Pensions For 2017 In Spain?

Please check the info from the Seguridad Social through THIS LINK Note: per 8.1.2017 not yet updated with the new figures for 2017. Increase of 0,25% re the numbers for 2016. So the minimum pension of a person of 65 or older with a dependent spo

Are Pensioners Entitled To Subsidised Electricity?

Yes many are. Please visit the link HERE for more information.

How Do I Apply For Tarjeta 65 In Andalucia Or Valencia?

Full information  in a document in the Library, Pensions section. Or click this link for direct access to info re Andalucia. The social services (servicios sociales) will also make the application for you.   LINK Link to form Andalucia Lin

Rent Complement For Those On Non Contributory Or Disability Pensions

Please read the info in our document in the Library, Pensions section. Or click this link for direct access. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/NON-CONTRIBUTORY-OR-INVALITY-PENSION-AND-RENTING-CLAIM-A-COMPLEMENT-1.pdf For info

Subsidised Holidays Forpensioners Imserso?

Please go to the information document on this subject in our Library, Pensions section. Or click this link for direct access. PERKS FOR PENSIONERS Application Form Update 24.6.2019. New window opened to apply for holidays season 2019/2020. Fro
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