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How To Cancel A Contract With Movistar

You can cancel via the attention to the client number 1004. Do not accept that they have asked for the cancellation (baja) without asking for the case file Nº (expediente) number. Make a note of this. You can also  send a fax to 902104132 or a

How To Make A Complaint Against Telecommunication Companies

All info in this file from our Library, Consumer Affairs section.   LINK TO FILE   If you don´t feel comfortable doing it online, you can download the forms as well, through this link, choose the option to the right of the page. LINK

Installation Of The New Smart Electricity Meters

The full information can be found in English and directly from the Endesa and Iberdrola websites. Please note* That rental is charged for the new meters and are fitted free. In communities the housing for the meters is the responsibility of the

Who Is Entitled To Subsidised Electricity (bono Social)

UPDATE: new law that regulates the Bono Social has come into force in October 2017. The new Bono Social for Vulnerable Consumers knows three different categories, each with a corresponding discount percentage, ranging from 25 to 50% and availabl

Iberdrola Website In English

Language options in the site below: Spanish Basque and English. The first 900 telephone number uses the Spanish language only. Scroll down for other languages. Iberdrola Website

Can I Have One Utility Contract For Two Adjoining Properties Both In My Name?

To avoid the fixed contract charges for example. One of our members asked whether there were any legal grounds for utility companies to oblige him to have separate contracts for two adjoining apartments that he was renting long term, from the sa

How To Transfer Endesa Contract To New Owner Or Change Name Contract Holder

Info in English on Endesa Website.   LINK   Any changes to contracts, if contract is in force and no outstanding bills, should be free of charge. Note, when the property is over 20 years old, Endesa can ask for a ´boletín´ from a qu

How Can I Make A Complaint Against Natural Fenosa Gas?

If you are not getting results from calling or visiting your local office, please contact the department below. Complaints Natural Fenosa Gas

How Can I Get Results From Movistar Telephone Provider?

For those frustrating moments when you cannot get the adequate person when calling attention to the client. When you have to carry out transactions and find that you cannot get past the automatic messages to find an English speaking operator. Po

Pensioner. Am I Entitled To A Reduction In The Cost Of My Phone Line Rental?

Movistar allows a reduction in the rental of the phone lines for pensioners and retirees who meet the requisites. (Abono Social) This includes substantial reductions on the installation of the lines and 95% reduction in the line rental. You will

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