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Can Non Pensioners Use S1 As Proof Healthcare With Residency Application?

Information document in the Library, Health section. Enter directly using the link below. Use of S1

When Do I Need To Register As Resident (regular Or Fiscal)?

By law you have to register on the Registro de Extranjeros, through the Foreigners Office of the Policia Nacional in your area, after you have been here for 3 months. LINK TO RESIDENCY REQUISITES You are considered a fiscal resident, and thus ob

How To Apply For Residency (nie) For Baby/child?

You need to go to the Policia Nacional, Foreigners Office and present: – baby´s passport – certificado literal of Spanish birth certificate, translated and certified foreign birth certificate – medical card – residency c

How Do I Replace Lost/stolen/illegible Residency Or Nie Certificate?

You need to go to the Policia Nacional, Foreigners Office in your area and ask for a duplicate ´duplicado´. Most offices require you to make an appointment first ´cita previa´. Some offices ask you to present a denuncia re the lost/stolen or

How Can Tax Authorities Check If You Are Non-resident?

They can access your electricity bills to see if there are any indications that you are here for longer than the legally permitted time for non-residents and will cross reference this with their data re the owner of the property declaring taxes

Importing A Vehicle. I Have Been Asked For A Baja Consular

Please check the On The Road Section of the Library for the file: IMPORTING YOUR VEHICLE INTO SPAIN AND EXEMPT FROM IMPORT DUTY or click this link for direct access. Importing Vehicle and Exempt Import Duty

How Do I Register On The Padron (census) Or De-register

Information in our library on this LINK and also below. Go to Town Hall, take valid ID (passport for foreigners), Residency Certificate or NIE if you have it and proof of address (either copia simple of property deeds, or rental agreement, or ut

Leaving Spain. What Action Should I Take About My Residency Status?

Download the form EX18 from our files tab. Fill in and at the bottom you will note residency application. The the left, tick the box which states ‘BAJA POR CESE’ Make an appointment preferably in the same office as you applied for re

What Is A Nie?

This is a fiscal (tax number) ‘ numero de identificación fiscal’ which must be used by a resident or nonresident for any transaction which include taxes of any sort. Spain. Those who become residents, will find that their NIE numbe

How Do I Apply For A N.i.e.?

Download the EX15 form from our Library or FAQs Residency section. Make an appointment ‘cita previa’ at your foreigners office at your station of the ‘Policia Nacional’ Take your valid passport and photo copies of the fir
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