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Where Can I Download Ex18 Residency Application Form?

Right here! You can find it in The Library, Residency Section. Or link below for direct access. EX Download EX18 Instructions in English And if you need help with the Spanish… an English translation of Modelo EX-18 has been added to th

Where Can I Download Ex-15 / Nie Application Form?

Right here! It´s in the Library, in the Residency Section.   NIE Download  

Do I Have To Renew My Green Resident Certificate?

The green coloured certificate (either A4 or credit card sized) does not have an expiry date and does not need to be renewed. Some confusion arises from the rule that after five years of legal residency, you are considered as a permanent residen

Eu Resident. Do I Have To Renew My Inscription On The Padron/town Hall Census?

Please go to the Residency Section of the Library for the relevant info document. Or click this link for direct access. LINK TO INFO FILE Note* Non EU should update their registration every two years. This also applies to those EU citizens who

Where Can I Find The Nearest Immigration Office?

Immigration Offices in the Spanish regions. Information document in the Residency Section of the Library, and listings in the Directory. Or click this link for direct access. LINK

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