Consumer Affairs

Shopping In The Eu Your Rights?

Your Europe says: “When you shop in the EU – whether online, over the phone, through a catalogue or in your local shop – you are protected by certain consumer rights”     Full information.

Online Purchases Your Rights?

Information provide by Your Europe. The Video.

Settling Consumer Disputes Online

For full information on a factsheet, please visit the EU website.

Police Ransomware On Your Computer – Info From Europol

If a message claiming to be from a law enforcement agency pops up on your computer screen and accuses you of having visited illegal websites, then you have been infected by “Police Ransomware”. This is malicious software which locks your com

Guarantee Period For Goods Bought In The Eu

All goods bought in the EU have a free two-year guarantee. That includes purchases from shops or online. The two year guarantee is your minimum right and rules in your country may apply extra protection. Faulty goods and those who are not workin

Electricity Companies – How To Compare Prices?

By using THIS LINK to the website of the Spanish CNMC – the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia. (National Commission for Markets and Competition).

Buying A Second Hand Car - Any Guarantee Period?

If you buy a second hand car from a garage, whether it´s a dealer of just the brand of your car, of a ´multi-brand´ seller, you should be offered a guarantee period of 1 year, as stated in the Consumer Protection Law. If you buy from a privat

Was My Bank Correct Insisting That Life Insurance Is Requisite For A Mortgage?

No they are not. There is no legal requirement for taking out a life insurance policy with the bank to obtain a mortgage. For further information, visit this LINK

Buying A Second Hand Vehicle – Tips From Dgt/trafico

Tips from DGT/Trafico, published in their online magazine. Here´s a direct LINK.  Information provided in Spanish. Time permitting I will add the highlights in English at a later stage.

Do I Need To Make An Appointment For Trafico?

Yes you do. The information to do this is in this section of FAQ’s. There are separate instructions for those who wish to make an appointment to change or renew a UK licence for a Spanish permit. LINK to Library document with a link to rel
citizens advice spain


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