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Plan MOVES Incentives Electric Vehicle Purchase

The Council of Ministers approved the plan MOVES today, that includes subsidies on new electric vehicles.

Total budget to finance the plan is 45 million euros, with subsidies ranging from 700 euros for motorcycles, 15.000 euros for lorries and buses and 5.000 euros for ´turismo´ vehicles and light vans.

Also included in the plan are improvements to the infrastructure of available charging points, developing incentives for a system of loans for electric bikes and for employers to organise transport for their employees to their place of work.

Dealerships are obliged to include a discount of at least 1.000 euros on their invoices (except for motorcycles and quads).

The Royal Decree is not going to be effective right away, the 45 million have to be divided amongst the Autonomous Communities first, a consensus is expected with the next couple of weeks.

Note: the fact that the General Budget for 2019 has been voted down this week, is not of influence on the execution of this plan, the budget was included in the General Budget for 2018, and partly 2017.


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