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Plan de Vivienda Estatal 2018-2021, Rent and Purchase Subsidies Habitual Homes

First of all, this plan that offers subsidies on rent and purchase of habitual homes has been approved by the state, but as it is a co-finance structure, where all Autonomous Regions (apart from Navarra) have to contribute, the state has to sign a ´convenio´ with all Autonomous Regions before it can come into force and be implemented.

There is a meeting planned with all delegates on March 15 but it is expected that it will take 2 to 3 months before the convenios will be signed. Until then, you cannot apply as it will be up to the Autonomous Regions to process applications and they have to write a ´normativa´ or regulation for that first.
The good news is that applications, once approved, will be executed retro-actively as of January 1st 2018.

So, as there are bound to come up changes during the Convenio negotiations, we would like to just outline very globally what the Plan de Vivienda Estatal consists of and we will publish details when it has become law and been published in the State Bulletin (somewhere between May 15 and June 15).

Update: overview with all Autonomous Comunities and their windows to apply and forms needed.

Update Andalucia: window to apply December 10 2018 to January 9 2019.

Update Andalucia 2019 Possibility for those on non-contributive pensions (either old-age or disability) to apply for subsidy of 525 euros, window till 31.12.2019.

1. It will only be applicable to habitual homes, your rental contract must be for ´uso vivienda´, so if you own more than one property in Spain, you are not eligible. Will have to read the definite text to check whether homes in other EU countries count as well.

2. There is ´something for everybody´ although for specific age groups there are amplifications or special requisites that, if met, could increase the subsidy.

3. For practically all the varieties there is an income limit of 3x IPREM, amounting to 22.365,42 euros and those over 65 cannot have other assets with a value over 100.000 euros. For large families ´familias numerosas´ or families that include a disabled person, the income limit is 4x IPREM, 30.078,36 euros and even 5x IPREM 37.597,95 euros for especially large families and those that include a severely disabled person.

4. For the rent subsidies, those that pay up to 600 euros/month are eligible, up to 900 euros/month in expensive areas.

5. Special mention of different age groups, those over 65 and under 35. And those that have been evicted from their property.

6. Subsidies for the purchase or rehabilitation of a habitual home for those under 35, in rural areas, village under 5.000 inhabitants.

7. Rehabilitation of habitual homes in general and energy efficiency improvements specifically.

8. Subsidies to promote the renting out of privately owned properties.

9. You don´t need to provide rental contract with the application but you do need the catastral reference number. They will check further details with the government organisation where the ´fianza´ has been deposited, so that´s a must.

The government estimates that a total of 557.109 subventions will be approved for the 4 years the program runs and that a total of 60.320 jobs will be created as a result of it

Total amount available is 1.443 million, 62,46% more than for the previous plan (2013-2016), divided in 350 million for 2018, 357 million for 2019, 364 million for 2020 y 372 million for 2021.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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