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Can I Open a Bank Account in EU Country I Do Not Reside in?

Simply yes.


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The EU Directive that is mentioned in the link above and that directs member states to make arrangements to offer consumers a basic bank account that can be opened anywhere in the EU, as well as ´be moved´ to another bank, city or EU country, has been transposed into Spanish national law (Royal Decree –Law 19/2017) on the 25th of November 2017. However, the Bank of Spain first has to come up with regulations with regards to a. services connected to a basic account and b. commissions associated with a basic bank account so that consumers will be able to compare the commissions charged by the various banks operating in Spain. The window to comply with this is for a, 3 months, and for b, 9 months as of the 26th of November 2017.

Please note: The information provided is based upon our understanding of current legislation. It is not legal advice but is provided freely to enable you to be properly informed. We recommend that if you are considering taking action, you should seek professional advice.

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