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Security, Robberies, Police Matters

Complaints And Suggestions Ministry Of Interior

For complaints or suggestions against the administration. Information at the ministry on the Spanish website below. Includes online complaints. The interested party should be made aware of the complaint made. Complaints Ministry of Interior

How And Where To Denounce Animal Abuse

The ´Animal Party´/ Partido Animalista PACMA has developed a website called ¨Yo Denuncio / I denounce¨ with information on how and where to denounce animal abuse with the relevant authorities. Also guides you through the process of writing

National Police Offices With Foreigners Department / Extranjería

For a complete list of National Police Offices where they can help you with regards to NIE or Residency applications, renewals or duplicate certificates please follow   Policia Nacional Foreigners Office List 2

Cctv Cameras Installed On Property – Allowed In Spain?

For full info read the file from the Agencia de Protección de Datos, the Data Protection Agency – in Spanish.   Guide Video Vigilancia – in Spanish   Summary, specific for Vivienda/Private home   Summary, specific for

Can I Make A Confidential Report To The Police?

There are some cases you can report a matter which would be treated as confidential. Please read the various subjects on the link below. If your topic is not there, use the last option. Confidential Report Police

Where Can I Report Cybercrime?

Yes you can. Explanatory Video The relevant police departments on the links below. National Police Guardia Civil

Police Ransomware On Your Computer – Info From Europol

If a message claiming to be from a law enforcement agency pops up on your computer screen and accuses you of having visited illegal websites, then you have been infected by “Police Ransomware”. This is malicious software which locks your com

List Of Offices Of The Policia Nacional In Spain?

Below is a link to the national police website where you can find all the stations in your region. There are three police forces in Spain. The national police are the crime police. These stations house the foreigners offices which deal with all

How And Where Can I Report Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence telephone numbers and also information reference to children, on this government website. Language Spanish only but attention in numerous languages as mentioned in the information provided. Also this Guardia Civil Website provi

Where And How Do I Report Sexual Abuse Of Minors?

This Guardia Civil Website will give you full information on where and how to put in a report. The site also advices on signs to look out for plus much more useful information. The site offers the English language but turns out to be only on the
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