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Was My Bank Correct Insisting That Life Insurance Is Requisite For A Mortgage?

No they are not. There is no legal requirement for taking out a life insurance policy with the bank to obtain a mortgage. For further information, visit this LINK

Is There An Exchange Of Information Between Eu Countries?

For full information, please visit this LINK

How To Remove A ´reserva De Dominio´?

To cancel a ‘ Reserva de Dominio’ Once the vehicle is fully paid, ask the finance company to send you the document that accredits that the car is paid for, this can take 2 to 4 days. Take the certificate to the ´Registro de Bienes Muebles

Obligations Of Bank Account Holders In Eu With Regards To Id And Origin Of Funds

Please read the info document on the subject from the Library, Finance section. Update. 16/04/15 We have been advising our members since October of last year. Many banks only just catching up. Banks accounts are likely to be frozen on the 30th

Abusive Bank Practices - Inform Yourself

Please read the article in the News & Views section.

Can I Ask For Financial Advice?

Christopher Pickering is one of our corporation partners and supporter, please visit his blog page to contact him. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/category/a-word-from-the-pros/christophers-blog/

Do I Need To Present My Bank Valid Id And Proof Of Origin Of Funds?

Information document in the Library, Finance Section. Or click on link below for direct access. Proof of Origin of Funds

What Can A Bank Transfer Cost From One Eu Country To Another

If you purchase a product within the EU for less than 50.000 euros. This international bank transfer will cost you the same as a bank transfer between two bank accounts in the same country. To avoid extra charges, provide your banks BIC and IBA

What Are The Costs For Using An Atm Abroad?

If you bank account is euro denominated and you use ATM extracting euros in another EU country, the charges will be the same as a similar transaction in your home country. There are extra charges for non-euro currency such as the British pounds,

Pension Transfer. What Are The Bank Charges?

The banks in Spain are not allowed to charge on pension transfers. Furthermore, many banks will offer free banking due to the fact that you have regular transfers. Pensioners do not pay bank charges. This applies to those on a Spanish pension an
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