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What Documents Are Needed To Register A Child At School?

Until the age of 14, schools may accept a passport, normally would be a NIE and padron certificate of no more than three months old. A ‘libro de familia’ if in possession of one.

How And Where Do I Apply For Beca / Scholarship?

For national scholarships/grants: Website of the Ministry of Education   Every Autonomous Region also has their own scholarship system, if you google ´becas educación´ followed by the name of your region, they will come up. Some are inco

Is Catholic Religion An Obligatory Subject At Public Schools In Spain?

No, it is not. Schools must offer an alternative. At Primary schools this will be  ´Etica´  (literally  ´ethics´ and in practice these hours will be used to discuss a wide range of subjects, to do with society, norms and values, sometimes

At A Public School, Do I Have To Pay For Schoolbooks?

That depends, in most Comunidades Autonomas the books they use at Infantil have to be bought by the parents. For Primary, most have either partly or fully subsidised schoolbooks. Either by ´cheque Libro´ that you will have to take to the local

Where Do I Go To Register My Children At The School Of My Choice?

You go to the secretary of the school in question. Applications for new entries in March, for follow up years in the first week of June (Andalucia). Forms to use available on the Junta de Andalucia website. LINK HERE

At What Age Do Children Start School In Spain?

Children start at ´Infantil´ in September of the year they reach the age of 3.  Some kids with birthdays from September onwards will start when not 3 yet, others, with birthdays early in the year, will turn 4 during the schoolyear. School is
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