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Homeschooling – Allowed In Spain?

There is a bit of a grey area, as homeschooling is not explicitly forbidden in Spanish legislation. There is an obligation that children between the ages of 6 to 16 receive an education. In the Spanish Constitution Freedom of Education is recogn

Homologation Eu Professional Diplomas / Recognition Non-university Studies

Completed your studies in another EU country and wish to work in Spain in a regulated profession that requires certificate of succesfully completed studies? Then you need to get your diploma/certificate homologated for a Spanish equivalent throu

Becas / Grants All Levels Of Education

Please click the link below for an overview, arranged by month in which the window to apply will open.   LINK TO OVERVIEW BECAS

Pruebas Selectivas / Selectivity Tests – How To Register Online

Through this link to the government electronic office.   LINK   You will need a digital certificate installed on your computer for access, or a CL@VE  registration.

Children´s Rights As Outlined In Convention – Explained For Children

Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Children´s Rights Convention a group of legal professionals, collaborating with specialists in child care and child social services have written a book, published by Wolter Kluwer, downloadable for free

Helpline Bullying

  As of November 1st 2016 the Government Bullying Helpline is operative, 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year. Available to students, families, teachers or anyone else that suffers from bullying or knows someone who is. The lines are manned by psycho

Applied But Not Been Granted Place In School Of Preference – How To Appeal?

The entire process of ´points´ that are allocated if a school has more applicants than available spots, to determine who will be admitted and who not, explained HERE in Spanish. Your child has a right to access to education, but not a right to

School Holidays Calendar

Please consult THIS website from the Junta de Andalucia which will give you info per province re the school holidays for primary and secondary schools ´primaria y ESO´ in the autonomous region of Andalucia. For all other autonomous regions in

School Application Forms Additional Services/becas Andalucia

Visit this LINK for info on various subsidised services and ´becas´ offered by schools or the Junta in Andalucia, like school transport.Please note that normally, you would apply for subsidised school transport at the same time as registering

Subsidy Schoolbooks Valencia

In many autonomous regions, schoolbooks are free, recycled a couple of times by the schools. Others work with ´cheque libro´ that will enable you to purchase most schoolbooks at a local bookshop with usually just the odd workbook (that needs t

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