Can I Stand For Election In The Municipal Elections?

You can if you meet the requisites. You should be over 18 years old. Be a resident in Spain and registered on the padron Have declared your interest to vote in the elections and registered in the census. Meet the requisites required by Spanish l

Does My Town Have A Recycling Plant?

Known as ‘Punto Limpio’ and a place to dispose of residue such as paint, contaminants, batteries, electrical goods etc. Visit the link below to find the plant nearest to you. Puntos Limpios Puntos Limpios Andalcuia

What Is The Communities Tax Form Modelo 347?

For information, please visit this LINK

What Is The Modelo 347 Tax Form For Communities?

Please read some information about this tax declaration on this LINK

Where Can We Find Info Re Swimming Pool Requirements?

Regulation is responsibility of each region individually. I include info on Andalucia. Sanitary Reglament, inclused info re necessity of lifeguards, ladders, filter systems, toilet facilities etc. HERE Further info re Libro de Registro y Control

Should Our Agm Be Conducted In English?

There is no requisite in the ‘law of horizontal property’ for an AGM to be conducted in any other language except Castilian and in some regions, the language of that area. This means the minutes may only be published in one language

In What Hours Is It Permissible To Carry Out Building Works

For information and rules, please read my blog. REFORMS AND BUILDING WORKS ON PROPERTIES DURING THE SUMMER

Can We, As Tenants, Vote On Matters Concerning The Community?

Yes you can, if the owner of the property you are renting gives you proxy to do so. As you as tenants are on-site and probably better informed of the daily goings-on, this might very well be in his/her interest, especially if he/she lives abroad

Must The Administration Of Our Community Send Legal Notices To My Address Out Of

It is legal requirement that you provide your administrator with a Spanish address for legal notifications. If not contactable, it will suffice for the administration to post a communication on the communal notice board.

We Have Not Constituted Our Community Are We Governed By The Law?

All communities which meet the requirements of the law of horizontal property under article 395, will still be governed by the above law.
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