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Latest news from Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

Reporting Cases Of Illegal Practices By The Healthcare Facilities

Dear Members, I have been in touch with ‘Yo Si Sanidad Universal’, an association that is fighting to abolish abuses of the healthcare law. In order to do that, and also to expose the way that the civil servants do NOT do adhere to t

Movistar Fusión Contracts Increase 5 Euros/month

Telefonica is in the process of informing all clients that have contracted one of the Movistar Fusion products, that as of May 5th the contracted services will be 5 euros/month more expensive. Fusión TV Contigo will go up from 42 to 47 euros. F

Cab Spain Achievement - New Instruction From Dgt/trafico Re Renewal Driving Licences

Although the directora of DGT/Trafico has not had the decency to respond to our letters, the latest sent on February 16th and delivered to her office on February 18th. We believe that the DGT are back-peddling and the new Instrucción 15/S-136

Banks Charging For Cash Withdrawals With Card From Different Bank

CONSUMER INFO: For those not banking with Caixa but using their cash-withdrawal machines – as of 27th of March Caixa will be charging 2 euros per withdrawal. Consumer Organisations warn consumers that they are now paying double, as the ba

Sixty Detained In Timeshare Fraud Affecting British Pensioners In Malaga Region

According to the national police, sixty members of a criminal network who preyed on retired British expatriates have been arrested. Using a telesales team these crooks offered to purchase timeshares at very attractive prices. The owners of these

Plan Pive 7

Seventh edition of the programme PIVE , providing subsidies on the purchase of new cars, meant to reduce the number of older cars on the road, thus providing better road safety and an impulse to Spanish economy. Budget for this edition 175 milli

Excellent News: Judicial ´tasas´(court Taxes) Removed

Since the introduction of the ´Ley de Tasas´ in 2012, private individuals were responsible for the costs involved in lots of judicial procedures, like appealing fines, appealing dismissal before higher court, appeal an eviction, appeal non-ret

Community Of Owners Have 8 Days To Pay Tax Imposed Last Year

Communities must pay taxes for works or services carried out in 2014 by 02/03/15 Any communities, who have carried out works or had services provided in 2014 amounting to 3,005.06 plus euros, have only ten days for the president to make a declar

Citizens Advice Bureau Make News On The Driving Licence Issue

After receiving a hard copy of the Euro Weekly Newspaper, we note that we have made the front page. This has enforced the importance of the issue of the driving licence matter. To read the full article, please click on this LINK

Uk And Northern Ireland To Join Schengen Information System (sis)

NEWS FROM EUROPE The UK and Northern Ireland have asked to join the Schengen Information System (SIS) and will be provisionally allowed to do so as of March 1st of this year. The exchange of information is with regards to descriptions of persons

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