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Cab Gibraltar And Cab Spain To Cooperate For Our Cross Border Citizens

We recently published that we have been invited to attend the Citizens Advice International (CAI) Conference this year held in Gibraltar on the 22 of June. I will be given a short talk the following morning when the delegates that make up the C

Cab Spain Has Been Invited To The Citizens Advice International Conference

We are pleased and proud to announce that CAB Spain has been invited to the Citizens Advice International Conference to take place in Gibraltar on the 22/23 of June. The invitation was made to me personally by Pilar Hernandez who is the chairpe

Animal Health: "the Principle Is The Same Whether You Are Taking Care Of A Dog, A Cat Or 3,000 Pigs"

A proposal to streamline and simplify complicated animal health rules in the EU was informally agreed by MEPs, the European Commission and the national governments on 1 June. Marit Paulsen, the Parliament’s lead negotiator, described the r

New Court Ruling Against The Inss

There has been a fourth ruling against the INSS for rejecting a person with a valid residencia permit for healthcare funded by the state. This time in Madrid, where the resident that was refused free healthcare was assisted by lawyers from NGO M

Off-plan Property Purchasers, Time To Recover Your Money!

NEW AIFOS PURCHASERS OPTIONS TO RECOVER THEIR MONEY FROM THE BANKS “Better late than never”, says a very famous Spanish refrain with Words of Wisdom. Effectively and slowly but surely, the Spanish Court´s judicial system is finally providin

Price Gas Bottles Down Again As Per 19.5.2015

Since yesterday, the regular heavy 12,5 kg butane gas bottles should be sold for 14,12 euros, another significant decrease in price, since the first one in March of this year. This price will stand till the third Tuesday in July, when the new pr

Dgt Insult To Expat Intelligence

You may remember in an earlier post where we challenged the DGT about the legality of implementing the two year protocol insisting on the changing or renewing of all licences held by EU residents in Spain. We also complained about no response to

Divorcing Before Notary And Getting Married At 16

Two of the things related to marriage that the Spanish Congress has voted favourably on, earlier this week, thus approving the project for a new law, the Ley de Jurisdicción Voluntaria / Voluntary Jurisdiction. Under this new law, notaries and

Higher Indemnizations Victims Traffic Accidents

We received a heads-up from our lawyers about the approval of a new concept-law. The Consejo de Ministros approved the proposal last Friday and it contains a new calculation system to determine the amount of indemnization to pay out to victims o

Reporting Cases Of Illegal Practices By The Healthcare Facilities

Dear Members, I have been in touch with ‘Yo Si Sanidad Universal’, an association that is fighting to abolish abuses of the healthcare law. In order to do that, and also to expose the way that the civil servants do NOT do adhere to t
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