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At Last! Attractive Tax Reductions For January 2015

The Government has approved the tax reforms which has amended the rules regarding taxpayers with large families (three or more children) or and disabled descendants or ascendants. These taxpayers may apply for deductions in their IRPF (annual ta

New Rent Subsidies Available As Of Today

UPDATE: Prolonged with one year, through Royal Decree 637/2016 of December 9th 2016, so valid for 2017 as well. As of today, the rent subsidies that had been announced by central government in April 2013, will become available to those that meet

Automatic Exchange Of Information Within The Eu

It is often said that when America sneezes the world catches a cold, well recent US legislation has Europe reaching for the Kleenex. After committing to the American tax evasion legislation FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) the EU began

A Glimmer Of Hope For People With A Residencia Permit And No Healthcare

A video by Maria explaining in detail the two lawsuits that give hope for EVERY person with a residence permit, no matter the date. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/lawsuit.mp4   Glimmer of Hope Video

Taxman Has No Boundaries

The Spanish Tax Agency has sent out letters to owners of properties in over a 1.000 towns in Spain, informing them of the start of proceedings (´expediente´), regarding non-declared alterations to the construction of their property. Could eit

Inheritance Tax Benefits For Non-residents And Residents In Spain

The Kingdom of Spain was condemned by the Court of Justice of the European Communities in its Judgment of 3 September 2014, case C-127/12, because the Spanish regulation of the Inheritance and Gift Tax (IGT) does not comply with the principle of

‘eeo’ European Enforcement Order And Your Property Abroad

I have to date avoided writing on the subject of the ‘European Enforcement orders’ for various reasons. One being that I did not want to jump onto the ‘scaremongering’ bandwagon. Two, which may seem presumptuous of me but do know that ou

Tax Changes 2015

At the start of the summer 2014 the Government released the draft tax legislation for 2015 and 2016. Since this time, these have been following the parliamentary process. Yesterday 20th November, the House of Representatives approved amendments

Illegal Commissions On Mortgage Accounts

A question that pops up frequently, whether banks are allowed to charge commission on bank accounts that are used exclusively for payment of mortgage or other kinds of loans. FACUA-Consumers in Action have denounced 10 banks for charging commiss

Post April 2012 Healthcare The Travesty

The information widely shared and insisted on by the INSS on not allowing post April 2012 residents healthcare, could be about to change. Healthcare in Spain only if you are working, pensioner or dependent, right? FALSE The INSS turns people awa
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