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Post April 2012 Healthcare The Travesty

The information widely shared and insisted on by the INSS on not allowing post April 2012 residents healthcare, could be about to change. Healthcare in Spain only if you are working, pensioner or dependent, right? FALSE The INSS turns people awa

Electricity Companies Denounced – Again

November 11, 2014 FACUA, one of the largest consumer organisations in Spain, have denounced all Spanish electricy companies for wrongly charging a higher rental price for the new digital meters than established by law. The law states that a high

Civil Service Pension’s

The 2014 UK budget proposed some quite drastic changes to the current pension world and the various schemes therein. The many changes proposed by the budget are set to take effect from April 2015 after a period of consultation. The Cabinet has l

Voting In Municipal Elections 2015 Possible For Foreign Residents?

Yes, if you are from one of the countries that form the European Union, and for residents from several other countries as well, if there is an agreement in place between their country and Spain. EU citizens – must be registered on padrón,

Nicole King Interviews Myra On Mi Marbella Radio Show 30/10/2014 – Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

Myra Interviewed by Nicole King on her Mi Marbella Radio Show.. Topics discussed: “Changing your name in Spain”   Please press “play” to hear the interview. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/cabspain30101

A Cab Hint On Making Savings – Ibi Discounts

Residents, Claim the Discounts on your IBI (annual rates) Bills Those residents who are registered on the padron (census) with their NIE numbers and who meet the criterium, are not automatically receiving the reductions on their annual rates, sh

The Spanish Taxman Is After Your Money, Again

No, it’s not an embargo, but if you chose to pay your tax in two installments, the second one is due on Wednesday 5th November. If you set up the payment from your bank account it will be debited automatically on this date, so remember to

European Union To Boost Ebola Research With €24.4 Million

PUBLISHED BY THE EU COMMISSION: Brussels, 23 October 2014 European Union to boost Ebola research with €24.4 million The European Commission has today announced €24.4 million from the EU budget for urgently needed Ebola research.

Thank You Rafa Nadales And Liberty Seguros.

Corporate Sponsorship. Though we have a no advertising and no link policy, there have been many threads from members facing problems with various insurance companies. Our member and area director for the expat department Rafa Nadales, (also a lo

New Frequency For Tv Channels As Of 1.1.2015 - Need To Adjust Aerial?

As of January 1st 2015, all TV channels that are presently being transmitted on the 800 MHz band, will be relocated to another frequency, as the 800 MHz will be designated for the 4G mobile telephone networks. You may need to re-tune your aerial

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