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Update On Healthcare For Residents With Permit Issued After April 2012. Meeting With Lawyers

We met with one of the CAB lawyers to talk about our claim with the INSS about people holding a valid residencia permit and being refused health care. He agreed that the language of the law is VERY obvious, so the more people that present compl

The Driving Licence Fiasco And Too Many Back Seat Drivers

PRESS RELEASE CAB SPAIN RE  ” THE TWO YEAR RESIDENT RULE” AS ANNOUNCED BY DGT/Trafico As we wrote in our article after analysing the DGT/Trafico press release and their interpretation of the relevant European Directive on Driving

Tax Amnesty In Spain On Overseas Pension Income - Updated

On the 3rd January we published a News item about the amnesty announced by the Government starting from 1st January 2015 until the 30th June 2015. This is summarised below but the News item can be viewed here. From Thursday 1st January 2015, any

Must All Residents Exchange Their Licences For Spanish After 2 Years Of Residency?

MUST ALL EU RESIDENTS  EXCHANGE THEIR LICENCES FOR SPANISH AFTER 2 YEARS OF RESIDENCY? The headlines of several online publications, quoting a press release from the DGT/Trafico website, certainly suggest so, but reading the next few lines of

Tax Amnesty In Spain On Overseas Pension Income – Updated

In September I published a detailed blog about how there was nowhere to hide from the taxman. Since then the new legislation has been published and came into force on the 1st January 2015. As I explained in the blog the Spanish government had di

Inheritance Tax. Spain Referred To The Court Of Justice By The Eu Commission

The European Commission has decided to refer Spain to the Court of Justice of the European Union. It appears that the Spanish legislation on taxation of investments in non-resident companies does not comply with EU law. The law is alleged to be

Co-payment Prescription Meds – Maximum

Since 2006, Spain´s public health system knows a co-payment for certain prescription medications, with maximum monthly aportations for pensioners. Each year, those monthly maxima are adjusted in correspondence with the Index for Prices of Consu

Non Eu Nationals Who Already Hold A ‘residence Card Of A Family Member Of A Union Citizen Must Be Allowed Entry Without Restriction

The EU Court of Justice today issued a preliminary ruling which will be welcomed citizens living in other countries who have a family member who is not an EU national. Currently if they live in for example in Spain they have to apply for a resid

New Rules ´baja Y Alta Laboral´- Sick Leave

New Rules re ´baja y alta laboral´ i.e. notification of temporary incapacity to work or notification of capacity to resume normal work activities. Both issued either by NHS medico (for ordinary illnesses or injuries – ´contingencias co

Cab Spain Lawyers Taking Court Action For Members With Clausula Suelo No Win No Fee

This is excellent news. Our lawyers are not only willing to commence proceedings against the banks for each of our members who have the illegal clause in their mortgage contract but. No win no fee basis which means that they are also assuming t
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