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Gibraltar Airport Tunnel Opens On 31st March 2023 At 00:01

The Tunnel will open to all vehicular traffic on 31st March 2023 at 00:01. From this date, it will be the only regular access point for all cars and motorcycles (including commercial vehicles) to the frontier, Gibraltar International Airport, Er

Blevins Franks Dispelling The Myth That Andalucia Is A High Tax Region

Blevins Franks is holding seminars across Southern Spain this March where they’ll be covering the following topics:  Dispelling the myth that Andalucía is a high tax region. What do the recent income, succession and wealth tax reductions m

Have You Heard About The Spain Info Card?

Spain info Is the pathway to all you need to know about living in Spain. Be prepared for all eventualities, own the Spain info Card. Your own private consultant. Never before has obtaining correct information been so simple. Professionalism Are

New Measures To Protect The Citizen Against The Rise In Prices

The Government has approved new measures to continue protecting vulnerable groups from the increase in the price of food and basic necessities. ✔️Measures to advance, protect and fairly distribute the burdens of the crisis. Given the persist

Andalucia Now The Region With The Lowest Taxes

Juanma Moreno said: “Today we sign the Decree Law that establishes the sixth reduction in taxes and tomorrow it comes into force. There is no time to lose. What do we improve with it? Andalusia becomes the second autonomous community with fewe

Cab Senior Adviser Has Achieved Her Aim. Precedent Set In Court For Mis-sold Life Insurance On Mortgages

Eight years earlier (2014) I managed to recoup what I considered to be mis-sold life insurance policies associated with mortgages. The clients had been told that a life insurance policy was a requirement for the bank providing a mortgage loan.

Some Residents Will Not Be Able To Drive On Their U.k. Licence From May 1

From the U.K. government website: “Driving in Spain You cannot renew or replace your UK, Gibraltar, Jersey, Guernsey or Isle of Man licence if you live in Spain. From 1 May 2022, if you have been resident for more than 6 months and have not ex

Registering For Residence Updated Guide

Thank you to the information provided by the British Embassy: Residence registration: – The Spanish authorities have recently updated the the version of their guide on residence registration While most of the changes are small twe

Ukns Validity Of The Green Registration Certificates And Employment Offices

Update February 23, 2022.   Thank you to the British Embassy who have been working on our behalf with the Spanish administration offices to prove the validity of the green registration certificates for UK Nationals.  This was brought up by

The Government Extends Protection Measures For The Vulnerable-water/gas/electricity

The Government extends the #EscudoSocial measures until February 28, 2022: 🔸The protection measures for vulnerable consumers are maintained to guarantee the supply of water, electricity and natural gas. 🔸The temporary suspension of evict
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