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What Can I Do If I Think My Mortgage Is Affected By The Clausula Suelo (floor Clause)?

On the 21/12/2012 the European Court of Justice ruled the invalidity of the abusive floor clause and demand that the banks return the amounts overcharged retroactively. The ECJ has ruled that the Spanish Supreme Court did not have the ability to

Clausula Suelo. European Court Of Justice Rules In Favour Of Retroactive Payments.

This is the message from one of the group of lawyers who support our members. “Although our legal team does not yet have access to the judgment document to analyse the specific issues, we are pleased to announce that the ECJ has declared t

Duped Into Paying Utility & Other Debts

For anyone who thinks the title could be an exaggeration, they only have to visit one of the threads on expat forums to know that the title is factual. Numerous homeowners have paid debts that are not of their making. These posts are asking for

Subsidies For Rent And Improving Vivienda Prolonged

Published in the State Bulletin 10.12.2016. By Royal Decree 367/2016 of December 9th, the Spanish government has prolonged the Plan de Fomento del Alquiler de Viviendas y de la Rehabilitación Edificatoria which the previous government had put i

Not Possible To Use Whatsapp On Phone As Of 1.1.2017?

For millions of users as Whatsapp has decided to stop compatibility with some of the oldest operative systems for Windows, Android and Apple. Reason given is that those users cannot enjoy the possibilities that the present-day version of WhatsAp

One Touch From Paypal New Feature

Most of our members donate using paypal. We are so appreciative for your donations. We want to let you all know about the new no password system just introduced by paypal. Turn sixteen digits into One TouchTM. The same easy PayPal you know is f

Should You Have To Pay The Plusvalia (town Hall Tax) On Property Sales?

The Administrative Courts have begun to annul the the plusvalia taxes on properties where property values have either devalued or remained static. This will mean that vendors of these properties should not have this tax levied when selling or tr

Interview On Convenio Especial (paying Into Nhs)

Bill Padley talks with Myra CAB Senior Adviser on the convenio especial (paying into the NHS for those not insured for healthcare in Spain). https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/Convenio-Especial-2016-11-21.mp3

Citizens Advice Bureau Spain Gets H-app-y

Thanks to our website designer and host, we now have an attractive and useful application. This app will ensure that all citizens in Spain and those who have holiday homes or visit can access our advice and information at hand. Simple download.

Reduction In Electricity Costs For Some And Why Titles Can Be Misleading

El Supremo Anula el Bono Social y Obliga a Indemnizar a las Eléctricas (The Supreme Court Has Annulled the Subsidised Rate for Electricity ‘Bono Social’ and that the Government Must indemnify the Electricity Companies) Whilst in the main
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