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Latest news from Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

Vivienda De Uso Turistico Valencia – New Law Per 8.7.2018

The Autonomous Region of Valencia has approved a new Tourism Law, Ley 15/2018, published on the 8th of June, coming into force on the 8th of July 2018. Important changes with regards to the registration of holiday rental properties  like ´vivi

Bnd Levante Group Investment’s Presumably A Scam

A Spanish Investment Company based in Bendidorm, Alicante province is filing for bankruptcy. They have taken this action after the Spanish CMNV added the company to their warning list. An article was published in a Spanish newspaper suggesting d

What Is The Eu Gdpr Data Protection? Explained Live On Radio

GDPR EU regulations came into effect this month May 25 2018. Richelle CAB Spain senior adviser is discussing and clarifying what is the GDPR with Bill Padley of Talk Radio Europe. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/GDPR-RICH

Data Protection, New Eu Reglament Gdpr Into Effect 25.05.2018

The EU GDPR (General Data Protection Reglament 2016/679) or RGPD (Reglamento General de Protección de Datos) as it will be referred to in Spanish, comes into effect today, May 25th 2018. According to many specialists, active in the field of Da

Inheritance Tax Ruling Spanish Supreme Court

The Spanish Supreme Court has ruled over a case, where a Canadian beneficiary of a Spanish resident wasn´t allowed the inheritance tax allowances of the region where the deceased resided. Going back to the end of 2014, when the EU Court of Just

Wifi4eu-free Wifi For Europeans In Public Places By 2020

Free Wi-Fi for Europeans The European Commission wishes to promote free Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens and visitors in public spaces such as parks, squares, public building, libraries, health centres, and museums everywhere in Europe through Wi

A Team From Cab Gibraltar Visits Cab Spain Offices

Yesterday March 2, four members of the Citizens Advice Bureau Gibraltar braved the storms and travelled to Spain to spend the morning at the C.A.B legal clinic office in Manilva, Malaga. The team from Gibraltar included: The founder Pilar Rodrig

Supreme Court Rules That Consumers Pay Some Costs Associated With Mortgage Setup

Todays Supreme court ruling. Not all costs should be paid by the clients. We thank one of the group of lawyers we work with for the write up below. The lawyers in question have provided the most accurate description and appraisal of the court ru

Vivienda Con Fines Turisticos In Rural Areas Andalucia

In an amendment of the law that rules the establishment and registration of Casas Rurales and Viviendas Turisticas, both in rural areas, hidden as an additional clause in a Royal Decree on Campsites in Andalucia, it is now permitted to register

Protection Of Domestic Animals In Force In Spain

The long awaited Pet Protection laws came into force in Spain on 01/02/18.  This after the (European Convention on the Protection of Domestic Animals). The law prohibits the use of surgical interventions to modify the appearance or other non-cu

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