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Myra’s Blog

Blog from the founder of Citizens Advice Bureau Spain, Myra Cecilia Azzopardi

How Can Citizens Advice Bureau Spain Benefit You?

As an expatriate living in Spain; do you find that the Spanish bureaucratic system can be disconcerting? Have you discovered that the simplest of transactions are difficult to conclude? Find yourself searching for answers to problems only to discover that there is nowhere where you could find a solution? I am assuming that the answer is yes and that is why should be a member of our web site if you arent already.

Reduction In Electricity Costs For Some And Why Titles Can Be Misleading

El Supremo Anula el Bono Social y Obliga a Indemnizar a las Eléctricas (The Supreme Court Has Annulled the Subsidised Rate for Electricity ‘Bono Social’ and that the Government Must indemnify the Electricity Companies) Whilst in the main

No Win No Fee. Cuota Litis

Commonly known as ‘no win no fee’, the correct terminology is a contingency or conditional fee agreement. The equivalent in Spanish is known as ‘Cuota Litis’. When agreeing to this this type of contract, the client should cle

Black Clouds And Silver Linings

First published in the Costa del Sol Action Group magazine  2010. With our expatriate retirees in mind The rain in Spain is falling on just about everyone. It is apparent that the planet is suffering a crisis not experienced in many decades. Fo

Spanish Nationality For Sephardic Jews

The right for Sephardic Jews who originated in Spain to claim Spanish nationality which had been denied to them for some years has been reinstated. This is by the law 12/2015 24 June. Spain to correct the injustice of 1492 when the Sephardic Jew

Exceptional Service From Citizens Advice Bureau Personnel

An email from a CAB UK office has prompted me to embark on this blog which could be a ‘get it of your chest’ from a CAB volunteer. More details on the UK office staff actions below. Most citizens that benefit from the many Citizens A

Citizens Advice Bureau Spain Charity, Please Help Us To Help You.

Edited version 04/10/2015. The Citizens Advice Spain is a registered charity and provides the advice people need for the problems they face. With education and information we are empowering the public to help themselves. In most cases our advice

Goodbye Spain. A Willing Departure Or A Subliminal Inducement?

Recently, we are receiving enquiries from expats who have become residents in the last few years, not as yet from any permanent residents. These legal residents of Spain have received notification from their provincial offices of ‘extranje

Citizens Advice International Conference Gibraltar 2015

The  conference ‘Pathways to Resolutions’ was opened by the chief minister Fabian Picardo, introduction and welcome by the Hon. Steven Linares and hosted by CAB Gibraltar was attended by Richelle de Wit and Myra Azzopardi from C

Cab Spain Has Been Invited To The Citizens Advice International Conference

We are pleased and proud to announce that CAB Spain has been invited to the Citizens Advice International Conference to take place in Gibraltar on the 22/23 of June. The invitation was made to me personally by Pilar Hernandez who is the chairpe

Eu Regulations On Succession Applicable In 2015

450.000 cross-border successions occur in the EU every year estimated to be worth more than 120 billion euro. These successions are characterised by their high complexity. Succession law varies considerably from one EU country to another. The Eu

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