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Latest news from Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

Sending Invoices Without Registering As Autonomo/self Employed

How can you do so legally? A couple of years ago we looked into this matter for one of our members. The member had been alerted to the possibility of registering as a member / ´socio´ of an ´invoicing cooperative´, with the cooperative sendi

Scam! Malaga International Services

Further to a post a few months ago where a lady in the UK was contacted by Malaga International Services. We have received an enquiry from a citizens who has been told that ” a decision in the Malaga courts concerning compensation due from

Ciudadanos Español Y Brexit-cross Border Cooperation

Ciuadadanos Español y Brexit Para nuestros seguidores y todos ciuadadanos Españoles, sus familiares, amigos y todos que vivan o esten trabajando en el Reino Unido. Estamos colaborando con las oficinas de CAB UK las cuales se dedican a ayudarte

Changes Inheritance Tax Andalucia

As of today, 2nd of August 2016,  those that inherit either a ´vivienda´ or a ´finca agricula´ will be entitled to substantial deductions to the Inheritance Tax due, as published in the official Andalucian Bulletin BOJA on August 1st. In t

Talking About Rights For Common Law Couples And Iht

Tomorrow morning, Monday August 1, I will be talking to Bill Padley on Talk Radio Europe on the rights for Common law partners (Pareja de Hecho). Includes the need to make assurances so that they have the right to the substantial reductions on i

Clausula Suelo. Advocate General Agrees With The Supreme Court Spain

According to Advocate General Mengozzi, the temporal limit on the effects of the invalidity of ‘floor’ clauses included in mortgage loan agreements in Spain is compatible with EU law. We still need a sentence from the European Court of Justi

General Elections In Spain

Dear members, the team would like you to give some thought to the citizens of our host land, Spain. Election day today and no ordinary one after having had an acting government for the last 6 months. Obviously, the result of their votes will als

Yet Another Timeshare Scam!

Received a call from a distressed lady resident of the UK and timeshare owner in Spain. The lady has received a call from someone going under the name of Grace Stead and pertaining to be from the non existent firm ‘Malaga international Servi

The Supreme Court To Declare On Irph Mortgages

There is much optimism that they will follow the ruling of the Clausula Suelo and rule the IRPH as abusive. Many judges in different areas of Spain have already declared the IPRH mortgages as abusive due to lack of transparency. Others have not

Clausula Suelo/floor Clause And Why You Should Check Your Spanish Will Live On Tre

Monday June 13 live on Talk Radio Europe.  Lets Talk with Bill Padley at 11.00 am till 12 noon. Full story on the Clausula Suelo affecting millions of mortgage holders. Mortgages with most banks affected. What it is, how to check if this clause
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