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Perks For Residents Registering On The Padron In Andalucia

For full information, visit the GOV.UK website. Please be aware that by accepting the grants or reductions (subvenciones) such as on the annual IBI bills, that you will have to declare this on your annual resident tax returns. Those who are exem

No More Bulk Rechargable Lithium-ion Batteries In Hold Of Passenger Aircrafts

The ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organisation) Council has issued a press release on the 22nd of February announcing that as of April 1st this year cargo shipments of lithiumion batteries are no longer allowed on passengers flights. W

October Strikes

More strikes announced, both railways and airport related. Railways UPDATE 19.9.2015: partial Renfe strikes, during 2 hours every shift, on October 2,9, 16 and 23.  00.00-02.00 hrs, 13.00-15.00 hrs and 20.00-22.00 hrs on all mentioned days. Mi

Investors, Were You Mis-sold A Bank Investment Product?

The Spanish Supreme Court has obliged a bank to refund the sum of 279,000 euros to a client who was sold bonds in a Lehman Brothers product without telling the investor of the risks associated with the investment. The judge also overturns the ju

Can We Now Expect Spain’s Wildfires To Increase?

Summer in Spain and the country dwellers try to settle to enjoy another sweltering Spanish summer, yet always with the fear in the back of their minds that at any moment acres of land around their homes, could go up in flames. The efforts of tho

Cab Spain To Hold Clinics In Various Regions Of Spain

CAB Spain with the assistance of Patrice Grant British solicitor, will be holding open clinics in various towns commencing with Fuengirola and Marbella. You will be attended by a CAB Spain adviser, Patrick and English speaking lawyers if necessa

Cheaper Mobile Calls And Open Internet

Cheaper mobile calls and open internet: MEPs and ministers strike informal deal. An informal deal to ban surcharges (“roaming fees”) for making mobile phone calls, sending text messages or using the internet while abroad in another E

Citizens Advice International Conference Gibraltar 2015

The  conference ‘Pathways to Resolutions’ was opened by the chief minister Fabian Picardo, introduction and welcome by the Hon. Steven Linares and hosted by CAB Gibraltar was attended by Richelle de Wit and Myra Azzopardi from C

Dgt Spending Big Bucks To Make Even Bigger Bucks

As published in the BOE State Bulletin, DGT has allotted a budget for the purchase of more equipment to help in their inforcement of the law, or as they like to put it ´to improve road safety´. An amount of 363.000 euros will be spent on 3 mob

Brussels 1v (new Eu Regulations On Succession) Problems

Even before the Eu regulation comes into force on midnight 16 August 2015, we are being notified of problems encountered by many expats who are trying to comply and draft new wills. The new regulations had been studied? and drafted to facilitate
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