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Latest news from Citizens Advice Bureau Spain

Uk Government Continues To Jeopardise Our Residency Rights

The interest of the Citizens Advice Spain is on citizen’s rights. As a civil society association this is our obligation. The fifth round of the negotiation between the EU and UK concluded yesterday. I have read the information received toda

Monarch Airways Ceases Trading-reimbursements Information Accomodation

Advice can be found on the government website below. Monarch Goes into Administration

Invoicing Cooperatives Under Investigation – Status Quo

Last year we published information on how to send invoices without registering as Autonomo. LINK to info Since earlier this summer, these invoicing cooperatives are under investigation, no doubt because of their success, resulting in less Autono

Beware Clausula Suelo Scam

A British person of dubious character questioned in a Spanish court for real estate fraud, is taking money from homeowners allegedly to take on cases against the banks. The case would be for a refund of extra monthly mortgage payments due to the

Multi Currency Mortgages-a Legal Solution

This article was provided to us by a law firm with expertise in banking products. “We have been observing frequent cases of homeowners who signed multi-currency mortgages , in which the quotas and the capital to be amortised are determined

Is It Legal To Mount A Videocamera On Your Windscreen?

The question whether dashcams are legal or not pops up on our facebook group regularly and our answer has always been that it is legal from a Traffic Law point of view (as long as it does not interfere with  a driver´s full view of the road an

Holidaymaker With Burns Turned Away From Hospital

Just received a phone call from a holidaymaker who had suffered third degree burns and was turned away from a hospital. Posted as latest news so our community can share this information with visitors or holidaymakers they may meet up with. The

End Of Roaming Charges In The Eu

D Day. End of roaming charges in the EU Roam like at home. The EU “roam like at home” rules mean that when you use your mobile phone while travelling outside your home country in any EU country you don’t have to pay any additi

Loss Of Shares Investments In Banco Popular?

We have been privy to a memo from a law firm to all their lawyers in their offices in Spain and abroad. The translation is below. CAB Spain would like to thank the particular law firm for this information. “The position of this Office to those

Santander Purchase Banco Popular And Clausula Suelo

For those concerned as they have a case against Banco Popular to recoup the monies owed and removal of the floor clause, please note the information below provided today by one of the lawyers who are acting for some of our members. “Those
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