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Tax Implications Of Brexit

Following the discussion today on whether Brexit will impact on the Double Tax Agreement (DTA) between Spain and the UK, I thought I would summarise my understanding of the potential impact overall on some taxation issues. Firstly with regard to

Talking With Bill Padley About The Latest Brexit Meeting Between The Uk/eu

The program of December 15 2017 on the link below. https://www.citizensadvice.org.es/wp-content/uploads/MYRABREXITAGREEMENT2017-12-15_11-00-00.mp3

As We Near The Brexit Withdrawal Date And The Eu Uk Progress Report

In Relation to the Joint Report – European Commission and the UK Government. December 8 2017 The resolution agreed to by the EU and UK negotiating teams and published in the formal join report is to be introduced to the Plenary at the EU P

In Answer To A Members Post Brexit Question

In answer to a members question. This is information taken from the up to date proposals from the UK government and the EU negotiating teams. This is a paper describing where we are up to now and not the results of the negotiations which are ong

Uk Government Continues To Jeopardise Our Residency Rights

The interest of the Citizens Advice Spain is on citizen’s rights. As a civil society association this is our obligation. The fifth round of the negotiation between the EU and UK concluded yesterday. I have read the information received toda

Private Pensions Post Brexit

Nicky Morgan, the chair of the Treasury Committee has issued a warning to Chancellor Philip Hammond in a letter she wrote to him regarding Britain’s exit negotiations with the EU. The Treasury Committee is an influential Parliamentary committe

All U.k. Nationals In Spain Residency Rights Post Brexit

We have already seen the second round of negotiations take place between the UK and the EU Brexit negotiation teams. The EU continue to push for citizens rights as preliminary to all other agreements. To put the EU team´s request into simple te

Policy Papers Put Forward By The Uk And Eu For Post Brexit Citizens Rights

Below are the two policies with suggestions for the continuing residency rights for EU nationals in the UK and EU citizens in the UK. The links below will bring up the papers of the suggestions put forward by the UK government and the EU Commiss

Assessment Of The Brexit Steering Group On The Uk Policy Paper

“Safeguarding the Position of EU Citizens Living in the UK and The UK Nationals Living in the EU”. Many will be aware that CAB Spain has been following movements since the referendum of June 24 2016. It is imperative that we remain i

How Could The Uk Government Proposal On Residency Rights Affect Uk Nationals Post Brexit?

The UK Governments Proposal for EU Citizens in the UK and UK Nationals in the EU. June 26 2017 (Only some chapters from the proposal have been discussed below. Numeration as on the proposal paper). C.A.B Spain paper.    Preamble There has

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