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Brexit- A Time For Reflection

Acknowledging the outcome of the vote and understanding your concerns, ask that you allow time for reflection. The messages coming out from the British Government and the acting prime minister in Spain are positive. There is a need to remain cal

Clausula Suelo/floor Clause And Wills After Brexit Radio Interview With Tre


Brexit And Inheritance Tax

In answer to the member who asked if inheritance taxes would increases by 90% I did not know the percentage but was aware of the changes due after a possible BREXIT. I emailed a very good notary known to me for many years and they have kindly re

Provided For Cab Members By Foundation For Citizens Rights, Involvement And Trust

Many requests for this report by Tony Venables from ECIT. Arrived in an email on my return from Brussels.  The suggestion was to post the link rather than just the report so please wait and the page will open up on the report. This group ECAS i

The Process For Withdrawal From The European Union

Published by the HM Government today on the process for withdrawal. Read document here.

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