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British Driving Licence Exchange Extended Six Months To December 31.2021

Update May 30. Direct by email from one of the DGT offices to one of our team. “Good Morning, Today 05/28/2021, the General Directorate of Traffic has once again modified the criteria in the sense that temporary TIEs are also valid”.

Eu-uk A New Relationship Taxation And Customs Union

On 24 December 2020, the EU and the UK reached an agreement on the terms of their relationship following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) provisionally entered into force on 1 January 2021 and pr

Travelling In Europe-uk Plates Identifiers

Please note the flags, symbols and identifiers when travelling in the EU with a UK plated Vehicle. UK Government Website

Present Situation For Residents With A Uk Driving Licence

Information from the DGT. The European Union has negotiated with the United Kingdom a Withdrawal Agreement that enables a transitional period during which the rights of citizens are maintained in accordance with the acquis communautaire, an agre

Travelled To Spain Without A Global Health Insurance Card (ghic)

What is a Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC)? This is a certificate that is issued by the NHS. The certificate is required when a customer is abroad requiring treatment but has not applied for an GHIC or does not have a valid GHIC card wi

Family Law Cases Involving Eu After 31 December 2020

For families returning to the UK or need to know the jurisdiction of laws and court sentences or going through a court procedure. Government UK

Weapons- Information For Uk Nationals Post Brexit

How will Brexit affect regulations on weapons and explosives? Prior authorisations and consents for intra-community transfers of weapons, explosives, pyrotechnic articles and cartridges, which have been issued in Spain, will be valid until the e

Important Information On The Rights Of Uk Nationals Under The Withdrawal Agreement

UK Nationals and their family members who were lawfully residing in Spain Under Union law before the end of the transition period, automatically obtained their new residence status on January 1 2021. Spain has required that those without a resi

Why Uk And Spain Could Reach An Agreement On Driving Licence Exchanges

Reasons to believe that a UK driving licence meets all the requirements under the EU directive to be valid in the EU therefore there could easily be an agreement between Spain and the UK for exchanging these permits. The information below is tak

After Brexit-living And Working In The Eu-uk Nationals

Briefing Paper from the House of Commons Contents Summary 3 1. The end of free movement rights in the UK 5 1.1 UK and EU negotiating positions 5 1.2 Mobility provisions in the TCA 7 1.3 Prospects for further discussions 7 2. Practical effects