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Consequences Of Overstaying In Spain? Fines Or Expulsion

Information is added for you almost on a daily basis. We are a charity with no external funding. Any amount you are willing to donate will be greatly appreciated. Donation De

Dual Eu/uk Nationals Rights Under The Withdrawal Agreement

UK Nationals who resided lawfully in Spain before the end of the transition period and hold the nationality of a member state (dual nationality) who decide to retain residency status as an EU citizen, are still protected by the Withdrawal Agreem

Ukns-is My Green Registration (residency) Certificate Valid?

Despite the clamour from various administrative offices for proof of possession of a TIE, the green registration certificate remains valid. The Spanish government chose the Declaratory system on residency from the Withdrawal Agreement. Furthermo

Virtual Event With The British Ambassador, Consuls And Fcdo Minister Wendy Morton

Update. The British Embassy is asking the Spanish government for an extension to the October 31 date. The meeting took place this morning with with FCDO Minister Wendy Morton, the British Ambassador Hugh Elliott and consuls including the organis

Servicio Andaluz De Empleo Asks Ukns To Prove Residency Status

This post will hopefully act a a reassurance to those who are concerned about being in possession of the green (residency)registration certificates. Below is an extract of the letter from the Andalusian Employment Service received by a member wh

Uk Nationals Who Wish To Work In Spain.

Some of you may be aware that since 1 January 2021 that the UK became a third country and no longer under union rules the system to work or reside in Spain changed. It must be recognised that you can no longer come to Spain and take up employmen

Ukns Driving In The Eu

On or after 28 September 2021 You will need to display a UK sticker clearly on the rear of your vehicle if your number plate has any of the following: a GB identifier with the Union flag (also known as the Union Jack) a Euro symbol a national fl

Some Banks Insisting That Clients (ukns) Provide Evidence Of A Tie

Update October 11. You will remember that besides providing letters to our members for their banks, we contacted the Spanish ombudsman and the British Embassy who promised to seriously look into this matter. We also raised the matter again at t

Cab Thanks Solvit For Considering Ukns-enforcement Of Individual Rights Of Uk Nationals Under Wa

In an email to a member of Solvit who has always assisted and communicated with me to solve problems or debate lack of guidance on many matter. “I greatly appreciate the assistance provided to me at CAB from my contact at Solvit EU over

Spain Agrees To Extend Measures For Adaption Of The Uk To Third Country Status.

Update: June 24. ????The Council of Ministers has today agreed to extend for a period of four months, the measures relating to the adaptation to the status of third State of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland after the end of the transition