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Primary care for Non -Residents: A Smoke-Screen

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Author: Maria Cecilia Tacchi

I know many of you must have seen the news that the “government” is giving non-documented individuals access to primary care medicine.

I will now tell you why this will NOT work:

+ They will not have a card: no card, no access to specialists. this takes us to my second point:

+ This has already been happening, many physicians objected to this and continued to see their patients in the primary care setting, but what has happened in the past?

Here we have an example:

A patient without residency WAS treated in primary care, but guess what?

Primary care does not have the resources to treat many diseases, and that is how, in the XXI century, a man died from tuberculosis in Spain.

The story is horrid, he was sent from primary care to the A&E many times, there he was first rejected, then made to sign a “compromiso de pago” (even though it was A&E, For crying out loud!!! the law says it is FREE)
When he signed the ‘compromiso’, he was seen, but he had not any TB tests done.

He died, of a completely curable disease, in Europe, in the XXI century.

This is so bad I am seething as I write.

So you see, any person without a residency status can be seen in primary care now, according to darling PP. BUT this changes nothing. there is NO access to the hospital, where most of the tests are done.
Primary care is very limited in what they are ALLOWED to do or treat.
They cannot treat serious infectious diseases, they cannot treat stroke, and so on.

And remember, undocumented people are not just “extracomunitari” (great Italian word meaning outside of the EU), there are many EU citizens that fly under the radar. Bottom line: if you don’t have a residencia, you are for all means and purposes, an undocumented alien. Not undocumented because you don’t have you home country’s ID, but because you are breaking the law by living here for more than 180 days and not becoming a resident.

I am so so angry because I can see that this is done for the election!

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